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About Haverhill

Creating beautiful reminders of what you love most.

Made in coastal New England.

Our highly skilled team of in-house jewelers, stone setters and polishers have decades of experience which they weave into to the creation of each piece of jewelry.

Rhode Island was once the jewelry capital of the U.S. and we are proud to be a part of its rebirth. You will find that most of my collections are named after Rhode Island locations that I love, such as Warren and Newport.

My father has immense knowledge of how jewelry is made and my mother is my style guru so having them close by as constant mentors is something I value greatly. With my husband, Andrej as my business partner, it’s truly a family affair!

After designing handbags and shoes in New York and owning a swimwear company in Los Angeles, I felt a genetic, magnetic pull towards New England and jewelry design.

I am very proud to be the 5th generation in my family to create jewelry, here in New England.

One of my first memories as a child is exploring the jewelry manufacturing factory owned and operated by my family since the 1800s.

Family Tradition

1880s 1st Generation

Edwin Leach

Haverhill’s great great grandfather, Edwin Leach made a name for himself with elegant and festive art deco jewelry. You can still find his Leach & Miller collections sold online! He first started by making affordable watch cases, making them with bonded gold as previously they were only available in solid gold at a time when the growth of the railroad created a demand for pocket watches.

1899 2nd Generation

Edwin F. Leach

Haverhill’s great grandfather, Edwin F Leach founded Leach & Garner Co. at the early age of 23, which later became a global leading supplier of essential precious metal findings like clasps, beads and balls to the jewelry industry.

1938 3rd Generation

Philip Leach

Haverhill’s grandfather, Phillip Leach joins the family business. During WW2 Phil temporarily converted the company to join the war effort to make parts for airplane engines. He later expanded the company to make materials for the electronics and eyeglass industries.

1972 4th Generation

Ted Leach

Haverhill’s dad, Ted Leach joined the family business. Ted made Leach & Garner an international company, expanding it’s offices to Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Germany. Ted later hosted the most successful jewelry show, Eterna Gold on QVC for 25 years. Ted expanded the company to make coin blanks.

2013 5th Generation

Haverhill Leach

Haverhill establishes Haverhill Inc by traveling throughout America selling her jewelry collection at in person events. From art shows in Maine to equestrian events in Florida, she interacted with customers one on one to learn who they are and what they love.

2018 New beginning

Partnership & Personalization

1 month after Haverhill’s hubby, Andrej became her business partner, for Valentine’s day she asked for her gift to be a custom, personalization tool implemented on haverhill.com. No small feat but he nailed it and she could go back to asking for jewelry each following Valentines.

2020 - Today

In-house Manufacturing

Our fast-growing in-house manufacturing team, consisting of only the best in the industry, allows us to continue the Leach tradition of excellence in jewelry manufacturing as we strive to create beautiful, personalized jewelry that will last for generations. We are building a solid foundation that enables Haverhill to be proud that her family tradition is not only enduring but growing.

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