Haverhill Leach is a designer guided by her eclectic New England style:
Classic taste that’s not old-fashioned. Clean and colorful design.
 A curiosity that mixes cultural influences.

Her namesake collection was established in 2013. It is handmade in New England, where her family history spans
five generations of jewelry makers and style mavens. Haverhill blends her heritage
with a modern and playful sensibility to create everyday fine jewelry that delights with style, confidence, and thoughtfulness.

Her permanent collection of customizable jewelry helps you celebrate your most dear with birthstones and colored gemstones
to mark important experiences and rights of passage.

Prior to establishing her design studio, Haverhill worked with renowned designers David Yurman, Kate Spade, and Mayle.
Today, she lives in Rhode Island with her husband, children, and dog.