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Unique Push Present Ideas for New Moms

What is a Push Present?

Most Moms Agree: New Moms Should Be Celebrated with Push Presents

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What New Moms Want, but Won't Ask For

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What gift should you get for the new mom in your life when she won’t tell you what she wants?

Most Wanted Push Presents

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Preferred Jewelry Types

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Most Meaningful Push Presents

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Moms Agree Birthstone Jewelry is Most Meaningful

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What is a push present?

A push present is a thoughtful gift given to a mother by her partner or loved ones to mark the occasion of giving birth to her child. It's a way to celebrate the new arrival and recognize the mother's effort and journey through pregnancy and childbirth.

What can I buy for a push present?

The perfect push present can vary greatly depending on personal taste. Jewelry is a popular choice because it can be personalized and cherished as a keepsake. Consider a personalized necklace that incorporates the new baby's birthstone, a zodiac pendant, or a personalized birthstone and letter bracelet to keep her baby close to her at all times.

What are good push presents?

Good push presents are those that hold sentimental value and can be treasured for years to come. Personalized jewelry, such as a personalized necklace with the baby’s birthstone or a bracelet with an engraved initial, makes for a meaningful and heartfelt gift.

How much should a push present be worth?

The value of a push present is less about the price and more about the significance it holds. It's not necessary to spend a set amount; it's the thought and personalization that count most. Choose a gift that fits your budget and carries a personal touch.

When to give a push present?

A push present is typically given after the baby is born, often in the hospital or when the new mother is back at home. However, the timing can be flexible—some prefer to give it just before birth or at a special moment during the early stages of the baby's life.