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Woman wearing a personalized Classic 2 Birthstone necklace featuring a double-spaced, asymmetrical design with 4mm gemstones.
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Creating personalized jewelry for moms

And remember, we've got you! If you want some extra guidance on creating your gift, HAVERHILL's Customer Service team is here to help. They're happy to answer questions, offer advice, help you select sizes, and much more.

Woman wearing a personalized Classic 6 Birthstone necklace featuring 4mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones.

What is personalized jewelry?

Can I just tell you how refreshing it is to have someone make you something that totally lives up to everything you hoped it'd be? It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Thank you SO much!

Woman wearing layered personalized Bayberry necklaces,  personalized Bayberry bracelet, Mia bracelet, and Newport bracelet.

What type of jewelry should I choose?

I've chosen which piece of jewelry to design. How do I make sure it's the right size?

Pair of Rainbow Rosecliff earrings, Rosecliff Sapphire earrings, Grand White Topaz earrings, & a Rosecliff Amethyst earring.

I'm designing a piece with several different birthstones. How do I arrange them?

Woman wearing a personalized Newport Grand necklace featuring a continuous strand of 6mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones.

What's the best way to use initials in a piece of personalized jewelry for moms?

Our polished 14k-gold discs, engraved with an initial on both sides, are a great way to personalize jewelry. You can use them on their own, accent them with neutral-colored stones, or arrange them so that each initial sits next to the birthstone of the person represented.

Hand wearing a personalized Greenwich 4 Birthstone & Diamond ring featuring four 4mm gemstones and one 2.1mm center diamond.

And remember, you're not limited to one initial per person! You can arrange three (or more) to create a monogram, or even spell out a name like Mom, Mama, or Nana. Spelling out a baby's name in initial discs makes an especially lovely push present (try accenting either side of the name with the baby's birthstone).

Woman wearing a personalized 4 Letter necklace featuring 0.25in flat letter discs engraved with L, U, C, and Y.

My son gave me a beautiful Haverhill birthstone necklace for my birthday. I love that it represents the 5 things I love most in this life. I've worn this necklace every day since it arrived.


Can I use symbols instead of initials?

Woman wearing a 14k yellow gold 1.17mm cable chain necklace featuring four 4mm gemstones and one 0.5in cutout cross.
Wrist wearing a 1.17mm cable chain bracelet featuring one center .25in flat disc engraved with a clover, & six 4mm gemstones.

How do I design a piece that includes both children's and parents' birthstones?

Hand wearing a Warren Moonstone ring featuring sixteen personalized accent gemstones on the tapered band in 14k yellow gold.

What should I do if I don't want to use a pink birthstone for a boy?

You must be talking about an October baby -- that month has two pink birthstones! One alternative to pink is a neutral stone, such as White Topaz, Moonstone, or Diamond.

Woman wearing a personalized Grand 9 Birthstone necklace featuring alternating 6mm briolette cut emeralds and moonstones.

Or select any stone that you feel best represents the child -- consider a deep blue Sapphire or bold red Ruby. (You can follow these suggestions when selecting a stone to represent yourself, too, if you're not partial to your birthstone.)

Woman wearing a personalized Grand 2 Connected necklace featuring emerald and aquamarine on a 1.17mm cable chain.

How do I choose between yellow and white gold?

If it turns out the recipient prefers a different color, you can have the jewelry re-set free of charge within 30 days of delivery; just contact Customer Service. (After 30 days, a $55 fee applies.)

Flat lay of a 14k yellow gold personalized Bayberry 7 bracelet and 14k white gold personalized Grand 4 Birthstone bracelet.

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