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How do I determine which length necklace to purchase?

Necklace length mostly depends on body build. Typically, for a slender or petite woman, 16" falls just on the collar bone and is ideal for everyday use. For more of a choker look on a slender woman, 15" is best. For athletic and larger builds, 18" is most popular for everyday use. For a longer look and/or for wider necks, 20" is most comfortable. We are happy to make your necklace longer after purchase but it is more cost effective to make a necklace shorter, rather than longer so it's best to be safe and purchase one size up if you are not sure. 

See the image above for necklace length reference. Please note that model is slender. Necklace length appears different on all body types. 


How do I know which length bracelet to purchase?

If the bracelet is a gift and you do not want to ask the recipient to measure her wrist, keep in mind that 6.5" is a small, 7" is a medium and 7.5" is a large. Each size has an additional 1/2" chain extender attached to leave some wiggle room. 

If you would like to measure your wrist, we suggest using a string to measure. If you do not have string, you can even use dental floss. Wrap the string around the widest part of your wrist, just above the wrist bone. Measure the length of the string with a ruler. Take that measurement and add about 1/4 of an inch for the optimal length. So, if your wrist measures 6 3/4", 7" would be ideal. You can determine if you would like to go bigger or if the 1/2" extender is ample. Some people prefer a more fitted bracelet while others prefer it loose. 


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