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Jewelry Sizing Guide for Necklaces

Tips and tricks to find your fit.

On the off chance that the item you receive does not fit, we offer Jewelry Alterations.

Necklace Size Chart

If the necklace is a gift and you do not want to ask the recipient to measure their necklace, keep these sizes in mind.

  • Size Inches cm
  • X-Small 15" 38.1
  • Small 16" 40.6
  • Medium 17" 43.1
  • Large 18" 45.7
  • X-Large 20" 50.8

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Necklace

Here are some simple ways to help find the length that's just right for you.

Measure an Existing NecklaceCheck in your jewelry collection to see if you have a necklace that hangs in just the right spot. Measure the necklace from end to end, including the clasp and jump ring.

With Flexible Tape Measure Place the flexible tape measure around your neck like a necklace, adjust it to the desired length, and note the measurement.

With a String Place a piece of string around your neck like a necklace, adjust it to the desired length, and mark where the string ends meet with a pen or a marker. Next, measure the string and note the length.

Please note: Our necklace measurements include the clasp and jump ring.

Make it Adjustable

We carry 2" and 4" chain extenders to match most necklace styles. A chain extender is a short length of chain with a jump ring on one end and a clasp on the other. Use it to add flexibility to your everyday necklace- wear it short one day and long the next!
When ordering chain extenders, be sure to order the correct metal (yellow or white gold or sterling silver).


Gemstone Sizes

Rosecliff 2mm
Baguette 2x4mm
Classic 4mm
Greenwich 4mm
Letter 6mm
Grand 6mm
Bristol 8mm
Warren 8x10mm
Heart Pendant 16mm