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Ethics and Practices

We are proud that we use conflict free, traceable and 100% recycled gold and silver. Recycled metals are incredible because they can be reused repeatedly without affecting their look and quality and most importantly, without affecting our precious environment.

Our packaging is made locally from recycled, sturdy materials and is designed to last so that you can repurpose it over and over again. Use our pouches for travel and our boxes for storage. They are not designed to toss. 

We work only with top manufacturers in America who all adhere to strict guidelines of the health and safety of their workers, with fair labor practices, responsible waste management, and lean manufacturing principles.

By working with local, US manufacturers, from our jewelry to our packaging, our carbon footprint is quite tiny.

Our precious gemstones (emeralds, rubies and sapphires) are sustainably created with no mining. Our semi-precious gemstones are natural and mined from the earth.

Our jewelry is not only made to last through quality and craftsmanship but is also designed to be styled through the ages.  Haverhill does not follow trends when she designs, our styles are timeless so they can be enjoyed often.

We proudly donate proceeds of various ongoing collections to non-profits that are aligned with our values. 

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