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Rings in Solid 14k Gold

Beautiful on their own, luscious layered together - mix and match our 14k gold rings with genuine gemstones to express your style. Shop by birthstone month or gemstone color or meaning.
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I have many pieces of jewelry from Haverhill. Her line is my “go-to” for sure. It is all beautiful, timeless, and classic. The quality is superb and customer service is excellent!!

Morgan Personalized Rosecliff Birthstone Stackable Ring in 14k Gold
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Embrace Your Story with Personalized Rings in Solid 14k

Celebrate your journey with personalized rings in solid 14k gold, where every piece can tell a unique story. Artfully crafted with meticulous care in Rhode Island, our rings are more than mere accessories; they're a representation of the unique bonds with your loved ones. 

Dive into our online store and explore the beauty of timelessly elegant heirlooms, made to be worn every day. Each ring in our collection is designed to stand out on its own, or to be layered together to create a mesmerizing display of luscious beauty.

Personalize your keepsake by adding the birthstones of your loved ones or explore the art of ring stacking. Mix and match different styles and textures to create a look that's uniquely yours.