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About Our Jewelry

Does HAVERHILL use real gemstones?

We proudly use both natural and sustainably grown gemstones. Our sustainably grown gemstones include Diamonds, Alexandrites, Aquamarines, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires. These gemstones are grown in a lab from a “seed," which mimics their formation in nature. Sustainably grown precious gemstones are genuine gemstones and are chemically, physically and optically identical to naturally mined stones. We do not use imitation or glass stones. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Does HAVERHILL use real gold?

Yes, we use solid 14k yellow and white gold. Learn about our ethics and practices for using recycled gold here.

Can I order a custom arrangement of birthstones and letters?

Yes! Contact us, and our customer service representatives will happily look into the available options for your custom design.

Can I request a custom size or length if I do not see it as an option?

Yes! If you need a specific ring size or necklace length that is not available on our site, Contact us and our customer service representatives will let you know the available options and the associated costs.

How big are HAVERHILL gemstones?

We use a mix of gemstone sizes in our collections. Visit our sizing guide for a printable side by side illustration of our gemstones. Be sure to select Imperial or Metric, and adjust your printer's settings to print the guide to scale.

HAVERHILL chains look delicate- are they sturdy?

Though they are delicate in appearance, our chains are designed for everyday wear. Before we launch a piece, we test durability by wearing it 24/7- even while showering, swimming and working out.

How do I clean my gold jewelry?

14k gold jewelry will not tarnish if it is treated with care. To preserve the lustrous shine of your gold jewelry, avoid exposure to harsh cleaning products, especially bleach. Occasional cleaning with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or dish soap and water is a simple way to maintain its shine. Let the jewelry soak for 15 minutes, then clean with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to rinse it completely and blot dry with a chamois cloth. Avoid extreme heat and open flame. Do not use cream-based jewelry cleaners (or toothpaste) on gold as they may contain harsh abrasives that will scratch the surface of the gold.

How do I care for my silver jewelry?

Silver that is regularly used typically needs less care. To clean your silver, rub gently with a soft polishing cloth to enhance the luster. Sterling silver oxidizes over time, especially when exposed to salt, chlorinated water, perfumes, lotions or harsh chemicals. It is best to remove your sterling silver jewelry when showering or swimming. Water can cause the silver to oxidize or tarnish, which will darken the color and dull the shine. If this happens, don't worry- you can restore the shine with a gentle rub of a polishing cloth.

How do I care for Opals or Turquoise in my jewelry?

Due to the delicate, porous nature of Opals and Turquoise, we do not recommend wearing Opal or Turquoise jewelry in water. Do not clean them with an ultrasonic cleaner or use cream-based jewelry cleaners as this may damage the stones. Use mild, dye-free dish soap and room temperature water to clean, and immediately pat it dry with a soft cloth. Avoid extreme temperature changes, high heat and exposure to chemicals such as household cleaners. Exposure to these conditions may void our warranty.

How should I store my jewelry?

Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or drawer in our signature HAVERHILL jewelry pouch. Learn more about our signature packaging here.

What is the best way to get a knot out of my chain?

Lay your chain on a flat surface, and use an open safety pin to gently find the center of the knot. Move the point of the safety pin back and forth to loosen the knot until you can gently pull the chain free. If that does not work, contact us and we can remove the knot for a small fee.

What does "Make it Adjustable" mean?

You can make a Personalized necklace adjustable with a 1" or 2" chain extender, which is a larger open link chain permanently attached to the necklace. You can clasp the necklace into any one of the rings for a custom fit.

How do I care for my gemstone jewelry?

To keep your gemstones clean and sparkly, clean them with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or with a dish soap and water mix. Do not let your items glide across hard surfaces as this can scratch the gemstones. Opals and Turquoise are porous stones, so it is best to remove jewelry with these stones when swimming, washing dishes, using household cleaning products or applying lotion.

Can I wear my jewelry to the gym?

Yes! If you are going for a run or a swim, you can wear your gold jewelry. 14k gold consists of gold with an amalgam of other metals to give it durability and strength. However, hard or abrasive surfaces can scratch jewelry, so we recommend removing your rings when lifting weights to preserve their shape and shine.

Are HAVERHILL product photos to scale?

Our product photos are not shown as a true 1:1 scale, and will scale to fit your device. Dimensions for each piece can be found on the product page in the product's description. We do our best to show lifestyle images of each piece of jewelry, so you can view them on a model and get a sense of scale. If you have any questions regarding the size of a particular piece, please contact us.

Can I wear HAVERHILL rings stacked together?

Absolutely! We love to mix and match our ring stacks. Our Rosecliff Stackable Birthstone Ring is designed to wear multiples at once, and it also pairs beautifully with our Grand and Greenwich rings. When stacking rings together, you may need to size up 1/2 size, as the rings will fit like a wider band. Check out our sizing guide here.

What is a sustainably grown Diamond?

Our sustainably grown Diamonds are grown in a lab, which mimics their formation in nature. They have the same chemical and physical properties as a natural diamond. Learn more about our Sustainability and Ethics here.

Does HAVERHILL jewelry contain nickel?

We use 14k gold for our jewelry, which is an alloy - meaning other metals are mixed in with the gold for color, strength and durability. Our yellow gold jewelry does not contain nickel, but trace amounts of nickel may be present in our white gold.

Do HAVERHILL gemstones have color variations?

We proudly use both natural and sustainably grown gemstones, which may have color variations. Stones such as Moonstones, Pink Tourmalines, Opals, and Pink Opals have natural inclusions and variations which make each stone unique. We do our best to show colors as accurately as possible on our product photos, but these photos are for representative purposes only. Please note that monitor and device displays can vary.

Does HAVERHILL make anklets?

Yes, we can custom make an anklet for you. Contact us to discuss your design, and our customer service representatives will let you know the available options and the associated costs.

Can I request a piece with mixed metals?

Yes. Most of our Personalized Classic Jewelry pieces can be made with both yellow and white gold. You can request mixed metals by filling out the "Special Instructions" box at checkout. Please contact us if you have any questions or a specific request.

Is HAVERHILL jewelry available in rose gold?

We do not offer rose gold jewelry at this time.

Can I purchase a single earring?

Yes, single earrings are available for purchase. Please contact us, and our customer service representatives will process the order. Please note that single earrings are only returnable for store credit.

Are Diamonds an option in the Personalized Classic or Grand Birthstone jewelry?

We do not currently offer Diamonds in our Personalized Classic or Grand Birthstone collections. Our sustainably grown Diamonds are featured in our Warren and Rosecliff collections, and are a beautiful accent in our Greenwich collection.

Are Opals an option in the Personalized Classic Birthstone jewelry?

Due to the delicate nature of Opals, we do not offer Opal in our Personalized Classic Birthstone jewelry. Instead, we use the beautiful Pink Tourmaline. In our Personalized Classic Birthstone collection, the stones are set into a bezel which is open on both sides, This does not provide enough protection for the Opal. Opals are available in our Greenwich collection, and we offer Pink Opals in our Grand collection.

What gemstones would you recommend in a wedding band?

Our Rosecliff Stackable Birthstone Ring makes a beautiful wedding band. Diamonds, Sapphires, and Rubies rank high on the Moh's scale, which ranks hardness of gemstones, making them excellent choices for everyday wear.