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Can I add more birthstones or letters to my jewelry at a later date?

Absolutely! Our Personalized Classic and Grand Birthstone Collections are designed to grow with your family. You can place an alterations order to add Classic stones, letters, and even chain length to your jewelry. We cannot add a stone to pieces from our Rosecliff, Greenwich, Warren or Providence collections. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

I just bought a necklace or bracelet and it is too short/long. What are my options to get the length changed?

We want your HAVERHILL jewelry to be a perfect fit. Contact us within the first 30 days from delivery and they will help you get the correct size. Ready to Ship jewelry can easily be exchanged for the correct length. For Personalized jewelry, we can alter the length, you will just need to pay for any added materials and round trip shipping.

How do I package my HAVERHILL jewelry for an Alteration?

When sending in your jewelry for an alteration, please package it as follows: Please place your jewelry in a clear Ziploc bag to protect it and prevent it from tangling. Place your necklace or bracelet in the bag with the clasp closed and hanging outside the bag. Seal the bag inside a small padded envelope or small box. Print your return label and attach it to the package. Cover any existing labels. Give the package to the carrier identified on the label. Please keep the original gift box, pouch and polishing cloth. Do not mail them back to us.

Can I add stones to my Classic or Grand Birthstone Stud Earrings?

Yes! You can place an alterations order here, or contact us to add stones to your Classic or Grand Birthstone Stud Earrings.

Can I convert my HAVERHILL bracelet into a necklace?

Yes! You can place an alterations order here, and select the length of chain to add. For reference, turning a 6" bracelet into a 15" necklace requires an addition of 9" of chain. If you would like a size that is not listed on the alterations page, please contact us.