Jewelry Designed to Live In

Everyday Comforts


Inspired by New England sensibilities, Haverhill creates timeless and understated designs that are versatile for your every day. Each item is made to provide a flexible means of comfort, style, and personal expression throughout any occasion.


Our solid 14k gold items are made for everyday wear. You never have to take your piece off during exercise, showers, and sleep-- even while swimming in the pool or ocean. All materials are sustainably sourced, including our conflict-free, traceable and 100% recycled gold and naturally mined or lab-grown gemstones.

Product Care

With proper maintenance, you can ensure the value of your HAVERHILL jewelry is preserved and will sparkle for a lifetime when handled appropriately. Explore the FAQs below to discover how to care for your HAVERHILL jewelry and to learn about our warranty and repair services.


How do I care for my gold jewelry?

How do I care for my silver jewelry?

How do I care for my jewelry with stones?

How should I store my jewelry?

Is my jewelry polishing cloth washable?

How do I prevent my gold jewelry from fading?


Is my jewelry covered by a warranty?

Can my jewelry be repaired if it is out of warranty?

What is not covered by the warranty?