FORBES- These 15 Female-Founded Brands Want You To Vote- Here's Why

"This year has brought many new trends into our lives, from face masks to at-home workouts, but there’s one that seems to outshine all the others, and that’s voting. Despite a long history of voting in the United States, this November’s election has brought a newfound sense of importance to exercising our civic duty as Americans and making our voices heard at the ballots. Indeed, it’s become cool to vote and even cooler to encourage others to do the same, so it seems only fitting that brands from coast to coast would hop on the bandwagon and help shine a light on voting with their designs. For many female-founded brands, though, the impending election is much more than a chance to sell some t-shirts or jewelry. Rather, they feel it’s a crucial time to fight for the protection of their rights as women, and they see this election as an opportunity to promote the same attitude in others. Now, with November 3 just days away, these 15 female designers are sharing why they believe voting in this election is so important and why they hope you will agree..." CONTINUE READING