' Stackable Birthstone Rings: Tell Your Story with HAVERHILL
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Hand with Rosecliff Stackable rings stacked on every finger, all featuring eleven 2mm faceted round cut, prong set gemstones.
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Styling Tips for Birthstone Rings: Stacking by Color and Meaning

What are the traditional rules for stacking rings?

Traditionally the left hand ring finger is reserved for a wedding band, an engagement ring, and perhaps an anniversary band. From this meaningful combination the concept of stacking rings was born. These norms are blossoming into a creative approach to ring stacking involving multiple rings layered together, and encompassing both hands with lots of fun flair.

A hand wearing two Rosecliff Stackable rings and a Greenwich Solitaire ring featuring one 4mm peridot and one 2.1mm diamond.

Birthstone Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Ring stacking has moved beyond tradition and become an art, encompassing many layers and both hands.

Stack Mother’s Rings to Keep Your Loved Ones Close

Stackable Rings make perfect Push Presents

For the Quieter Moments, Remembrance Rings Keep their Memories Close

Our loved ones live on in our hearts. For many, a ring is a deeply personal connection to their spirit. HAVERHILL offers timeless Personalized Rings that allow you to create a custom design to keep their memory close.

Woman wearing a 14k yellow gold Warren Sapphire ring with Diamonds featuring one 10x8mm emerald cut, bezel set center stone.

Playful Combinations of Rings are Joyful

Woman's finger wearing two stacked rings including a Rosecliff Garnet Stackable ring and Grand Pink Opal ring.
Stacked Greenwich Flower Citrine and Diamond ring with a Rosecliff Diamond & Nantucket Blue Topaz Stackable ring.
Two Rosecliff rings, two Warren rings, one Grand ring, and one Greenwich Solitaire ring, all in 14k yellow gold.

Styling tips for Ring Stacking

Create an opportunity to open a conversation about who you are and what matters most to you.

Personalized Rosecliff Small Circle ring, Rosecliff Circle Peridot ring, and two Rosecliff Diamond Stackable rings on a hand.

Neutral Stones Calm Your Ring Stack

A hand wearing a personalized Greenwich 2 Birthstone & Diamond ring, and two Rosecliff Stackable rings in 14k yellow gold.

Show some Skin

The ring stack doesn’t need to be a seamless match. Don't be afraid to let some skin show in between!

Close-up of woman's finger wearing a Greenwich Flower Opal & Diamond ring and Rosecliff Pink Sapphire Stackable ring.

Stack your Rings and Layer your Bracelets!

Carry your ring styling over into your bracelets or necklaces with layers - bring one element such as the birthstone, metal color, or ring style over to unify the look. You can decide how many rings to stack together - some of us are minimalists and some maximalists. Similarly, it's up to you how many bracelets or necklaces to layer, but it's easy to pull your look together with one or two unifying elements.

A hand wearing a Warren Nantucket Blue Topaz ring, and three stacked rings including two Rosecliff rings and one Grand ring.

Tell Your Story

Don’t feel confined - do what makes you happy. Old rules like stack only on one finger, don’t mix metals, or always stack both hands are fading away. At HAVERHILL we believe it is all about your journey, your story and your style. Adorn your hands with color and joy, and feel confident in who you are!

Fingers wearing two stacked Rosecliff Stackable rings with a Grand ring between them, and a Rosecliff Small Circle ring.

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How do I size rings when stacking?

When stacking rings together, they can fit more like a wider band ring, so you may want to go up a half size to get the perfect fit. Not sure of your ring size? We are happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer. This simple mini tape measure helps you find the perfect fit for your ring.

Is the left hand ring finger only used for wedding and engagement rings?

In some cultures, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left hand, in some on the right hand. While there may be cultural traditions surrounding the significance of the ring finger, ring styling has become less formal and more fluid. Your jewelry tells your personal story, so you get to choose which ring goes on which finger and what it means to you. If someone asks, it becomes an opportunity to tell your story.

What are the best gemstone combinations when stacking rings?

A little color theory can go a long way, if you are focused only on color, analogous colors, which are close to each other on the color wheel, give a calm feel. Think of the colors of the ocean like Aquamarine, Nantucket Blue Topaz and Sapphire, with Diamonds added in for capturing the light. If you want to make one stone pop, think about the play of light and dark. Placing a ring with a light stone like Peridot next to a dark stone like Emerald will really make the Emerald pop.