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Woman's hand raised to hang an ornament on a Christmas tree while wearing three Classic 1 Birthstone bracelets.
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7 Christmas Jewelry Ideas for this Holiday - 2023

Woman wearing a Bayberry Grand 11 Birthstone necklace featuring eleven 6mm briolette cut, bezel set aquamarine gemstones.

Make the List

Scattered assortment of sustainably grown and naturally mined 4mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in 14k yellow gold.

1) Everyday favorites - personalized birthstones and letters

Close-up of wrist wearing three different personalized bracelets featuring engraved letter discs & 4mm bezel set gemstones.
Woman wearing a Classic 1 Letter & 4 Sapphire necklace featuring one 0.25in flat letter disc engraved with the letter H.

2) Rings for stacking

Three stacked Rosecliff rings on the ring finger. The top ring is sapphire, the middle is diamond, & the bottom is emerald.
A woman's hand wearing two Rosecliff stackable rings, one Rosecliff Small Circle ring, & Grand ring, all in 14k yellow gold.
Woman's hand wearing a personalized Greenwich 2 Birthstone and Diamond ring stacked with a Rosecliff Diamond Stackable ring.

3) A little Christmas spirit

Close-up of a woman's neck wearing a Noel Snowflake necklace and Noel Aquamarine and White Topaz Bayberry 11 Stone necklace.
Close-up of a woman's ear wearing a single Greenwich 4 earring featuring four 4mm white topaz gemstones & one 2.1mm diamond.

4) Continuous strands of gemstones

Woman wearing a Bayberry Wrap necklace featuring 4mm moonstones. The necklace is wrapped twice, creating two layers.
Woman wearing a Newport Wisdom necklace featuring a continuous strand of alternating bezel set sapphires and moonstones.

5) Special gifts for grandmothers

Woman wearing a personalized Classic 6 Letter & 6 Birthstone necklace featuring 0.25in letter discs and 4mm gemstones.

6) Gifts that do good

A Newport Rainbow necklace featuring 4mm gemstones and two Rosecliff Rainbow rings, one with alternating diamonds.
Woman's wrist wearing a personalized letter bracelet, two Pink Awareness bracelets, and an Adelaide Mini bracelet.
Terra 7 Stone bracelet featuring seven alternating 4mm bezel set sapphire and emerald gemstones on a 1.17mm cable chain.

7) Classic stud earrings

Scattered assortment of various Providence stud earrings, all featuring a single 2x4mm baguette cut, prong set gemstone.
Assortment of Greenwich Flower earrings, all featuring five 4mm gemstones and one 2.7mm sustainably grown diamond.
Assortment of Greenwich Solitaire earrings, all featuring one 4mm gemstone with one 2.1mm diamond on top in 14k yellow gold.

What makes a great Christmas gift?

A brown gift box tied with a red ribbon with a card saying, 'Open Me.' Austrian Pine boughs and a pinecone lay to the left.

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