' Personalized Mother's Ring with 2 or 3 Birthstones
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Designing Mother’s Rings with One, Two, Three, or More Birthstones

History of Mother’s Rings

Grand ring, Warren ring, personalized Rosecliff Stackable ring, and Greenwich ring in 14k yellow gold lay on a flat surface.

How to Select a Mother’s Ring Design

A hand wearing a personalized Greenwich 2 Birthstone ring featuring a center diamond with 4mm opal and Nantucket blue topaz.
A hand wearing a Rosecliff Small Circle Rainbow ring featuring twelve 2mm prong set gemstones with alternating diamonds.
Close-up of a hand wearing a personalized Rosecliff Stackable ring featuring eleven alternating 2mm sapphires and peridots.

How to Select and Arrange the Birthstones

Hand wearing 2 Rosecliff Diamond Stackable rings, Rosecliff Circle Peridot ring, & personalized Rosecliff Small Circle ring.
Close-up of a hand wearing a personalized Rosecliff Stackable ring featuring a four birthstone pattern in 14k yellow gold.

How to Design a Grandmother’s Ring

A hand wearing a personalized Warren ring featuring a 10x8mm center stone & sixteen 2mm prong set accent stones on the band.
Woman's hand wearing a personalized Rosecliff Small Circle ring featuring twelve 2mm faceted round cut, prong set gemstones.

How to Design a Family Ring

Close-up of a personalized Greenwich Flower ring featuring five 4mm gemstones and one 2.7mm diamond on a 1.5mm band.

Why Sustainable Materials Matter

How to Find the Right Ring Size

Two Rosecliff rings, two Warren rings, one Grand ring, and one Greenwich Solitaire ring, all in 14k yellow gold.

A Meaningful Gift She Will Cherish

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What is a Mother’s Ring with Birthstones?

A mother’s ring with birthstone is a treasured heirloom that is intended to represent the loving, eternal bond between a mother and her child.   Mother’s rings often feature one, two, three or more stones depending on the number of children in the family.   Mother’s rings can incorporate only the birthstone of the children for a more traditional look, or can be expanded to include other family members or important dates such as a wedding anniversary to represent the family more holistically.   There is no one right way to design a mother’s ring, what is most important is that this treasured keepsake will provide her a loving reminder of those she cherishes most each time she wears it. 

Do Birthstones Have Meaning?

Through ancient lore, spiritual beliefs, and cultural customs, symbolic meaning has been associated with many gemstones for centuries. In the early 1900s, the American National Association of Jewelers created a list of birthstones designated for each month. As you design your personalized jewelry, you may want to stick with the gemstones assigned to the birth month, or you might decide to choose stones according to their symbolic meaning or color. 

Is a Mother’s Ring a Good Push Present?

The arrival of a new baby in the family is the perfect time to give a mother’s ring. A Push Present is a gift given to a mother by her partner after she has given birth. It celebrates a mother’s literal labor of love in bringing a new life into the family. Motherhood and raising children is both challenging and rewarding and fine jewelry reflects the strength and sparkle mothers bring to this role.   Mother’s rings are also lovely gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and - of course - just because.

Can you Stack Several Rings Together?

A stack of Mother’s rings is a great option if you expect her family will grow since stones cannot be added to a ring. She can stack multiple rings together from the same style, or combine different styles to create an even more personal look. When giving a ring as a Push Present, creating a ring to celebrate the birth of each child lets you add to her Mother’s Ring stack over time.   If you don’t think stacking rings will be her preference, consider designing a personalized mother’s necklace, or bracelet instead, which can more easily have stones added as her family grows.  

Can you Help Me Design a Mother’s Ring?

We love helping customers design personalized jewelry. We know it can be especially tricky to design a mother’s ring with two, three, or more stones to ensure your pattern looks just right and our talented stylists are excited to guide you to select the just right style.  Whether you are shopping for a birthday or Mother’s Day gift, if you have questions, our Customer Care Team is here for you. You can reach out through chat on our website, through email, or with a phone call. Whether you are trying to decide which ring to choose, or what order to arrange the stones, our friendly and experienced team is here in Rhode Island to guide you.