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The Power of Pink Gemstones

Fun Facts About Pink Gemstones

Pink balances the energy of red with the lightness of white.

The Power of Pink Gemstones

Rose Quartz Gemstones

Milky-pink and translucent, Rose Quartz has a soft appearance that makes it wonderfully versatile. Known as a symbol of unconditional love and healing, the gem has been worn as jewelry for centuries. Rose Quartz is a wonderful gift to give yourself, a reminder that you are deeply deserving of love, peace, and joy.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Pink Opal Gemstones

While Pink Opal doesn't have the same play of color that most Opals do, this opaque gem is prized for its creamy, baby-pink color. It's known as a gem of deep calm and tranquility, and has even been called a stone of spiritual healing. Wear Pink Opal to lift your spirits and support your mood with loving kindness.

Pink Opal Jewelry

Pink Sapphire Gemstones

While we're used to thinking of Sapphires as blue, some rare ones are actually pink. This increasingly popular gemstone comes in hues ranging from palest pink to nearly magenta. Pink Sapphire respresents love, romance, compassion, and femininity. Wear Pink Sapphire jewelry to celebrate your feminine power and own unique beauty.

Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Pink Tourmaline Gemstones

A beautiful, translucent crystal, Pink Tourmaline ranges in color from pastel pink to deep rose. It represents pure love, understanding, empathy, and friendship. Think of Pink Tourmaline jewelry as a pair of rose-colored glasses – a reminder to view the world in a positive light, and share your positivity with others.

Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

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What's the birthstone for October?

Opal, Pink Opal, Pink Sapphire, and Pink Tourmaline are all birthstones for the month of October. Choose a favorite, or wear them all!

Should I wear a pink gemstone only if it’s my birthstone?

You don't have to be an October baby to wear these beautiful gems. People wear gemstones for many reasons, not just because it’s the birthstone for the month they were born. You may wear a gem because you like its color, because its traditional meaning speaks to you, or because it reminds you of someone you love. Jewelry is extremely personal and you should feel free to wear any gemstone you like.

How do I care for Rose Quartz, Pink Sapphire, and Pink Tourmaline jewelry?

Your Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, and Pink Sapphire jewelry will stay looking great with an occasional cleaning. Use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild, dye-free dish soap and water. Let the jewelry soak in a small bowl for a few minutes, then brush gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse it completely and blot dry with a chamois cloth. Keep it away from harsh chemicals like bleach and strong household cleaners.

How do I care for my Pink Opal jewelry?

Pink Opal jewelry needs a bit more TLC than most gemstones. Because of its high water content, Pink Opal can absorb chemicals such as lotions, creams, and perfumes. Remove your jewelry before applying anything that may be absorbed. Keep it away from extreme heat and be sure not to strike it against hard surfaces. Clean occasionally with warm water, and blot dry with a chamois cloth. Never clean Pink Opal jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.