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Personalized Friendship Bracelets for Grownups

The importance of friendships

Studies have even shown that friendships have a positive affect on our mental and physical health. Adults with strong social relationships tend to have higher self-esteem, lower stress levels, and a reduced risk for many serious health issues. Friends are truly a gift in our lives.

The origin of friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a beautiful way to celebrate some of the most important people in your life.

Types of friendship bracelets

How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Birthstones

You can also select stones based not on the month they represent, but on the meaning of their color. Traditional color meanings in friendship bracelets include:
Red: Love, luck, protection (Ruby, Garnet)
Yellow: Joy, friendship (Citrine)
Green: Luck, hope, truth (Emerald, Peridot)
Blue: Loyalty, harmony, inspiration (Aquamarine, Sapphire, Nantucket Blue Topaz)
Purple: Wisdom, strength (Amethyst)
Pink: Love, affection (Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire)
White: Peace, honesty (Diamond, White Topaz, Moonstone, Opal)

Friendship Bracelet Patterns with Birthstones

The Grand 3 Birthstone Bracelet offers several options for personalization. You could choose three of the same birthstone, or combine yours and hers with a neutral stone in between. Or select stones according to their traditional meanings. A lightweight piece she'll love wearing.

Honoring a small circle of friends? Consider the Classic 4 Birthstone Bracelet. This quietly elegant piece is a wonderful (and colorful) celebration of the tight-knit group you've become over the years.

Looking for something bolder? Celebrate your besties with the Adelaide 3 Pavé Birthstone Link Bracelet, a solid-gold paperclip chain featuring three links encrusted with gemstones on both sides. A deliciously luxurious piece that will become the star of your jewelry wardrobes.

Symbols, Letters, & Gems

Say it with a symbol. The Heart Disc & 2 Letter Bracelet features a Heart engraved on a solid gold disc, sitting between two other discs engraved with your initials. Equally stunning in yellow or white gold.

Let her know you'll be friends forever with the Classic Infinity & 2 Birthstone Bracelet. A solid-gold cutout Infinity charm catches the light between two glowing birthstones. A timeless look she'll treasure.

Occasions for giving a friendship bracelet

Any time is a good time for gift-giving. Surprise your friend with a friendship bracelet "just because," and you'll make her day. The moment you fasten the bracelet on her wrist will be yet another memory you both can cherish.

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