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Moonstone’s meaning, styling, and care

The meaning of Moonstone

As suggested by its name, Moonstone has long been associated with the moon. In fact, the ancient Romans believed that the gem was a solid form of actual moonlight! Along with the ancient Greeks, they dedicated the stone to their moon goddess. Moonstone symbolizes feminine "yin" energy, as well as love, hope, healing, and protection.

Associated with the heart, crown, and third-eye chakras, Moonstone is said to open us to the wisdom of our subconscious. This is a wonderful stone to wear while meditating, and while sleeping, to promote positive dreams. With gentle energy, Moonstone helps us embrace our emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them. Wear Moonstone jewelry to tap into your intuition and unlock your creative side.

Since ancient times, humans have associated gemstones with healing properties and spiritual significance.

What is a Moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of the mineral feldspar, and can be found throughout the world. Myanmar was once a great source of Moonstones with an especially strong blue tint, but the supply was mined out. Today, most gem-quality Moonstones come from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Australia, and Brazil.

Classic stud earrings & assorted Classic necklaces, all featuring 4mm briolette cut, bezel set moonstone in 14k yellow gold.

Most people are familiar with Moonstones that are white or nearly colorless, but the gem also comes in many other hues, including beige, pink, peach, and green.

Close-up of a hand wearing a stacked Grand Moonstone ring and Rosecliff Diamond Stackable ring, both in 14k yellow gold.

More fun facts about Moonstone

Woman wearing a Bayberry Grand & Classic 11 Moonstone necklace featuring alternating 4mm and 6mm briolette cut gemstones.

Caring for your Moonstone jewelry

Moonstone, with its tranquil, supportive energy, is a lovely gem for everyday wear. You can wear your Moonstone jewelry in the shower, while swimming, sleeping, and exercising. Just keep it away from extreme heat and be sure not to strike it against any hard surfaces.

Woman's wrist wearing a Bayberry 7 bracelet and Newport bracelet, both featuring 4mm briolette cut, bezel set moonstones.

How to clean Moonstone jewelry

Maintain the beauty of your Moonstone jewelry by keeping it clean. Use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild, dye-free dish soap and water. Let the jewelry soak in a small bowl for a few minutes, then brush gently with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to rinse it completely, and blot dry with a chamois cloth.

How to wear Moonstone

With its nearly colorless appearance and unique blu-ish gleam, Moonstone makes a quiet statement on its own, but also complements other gems nicely.

Close-up of a hand wearing two 14k yellow gold stacked Rosecliff rings with a Grand Moonstone ring in between.

Moonstone's distinct blu-ish sheen lets the gem pair beautifully with other blue stones, such as Sapphire and Nantucket Blue Topaz. Try wearing these gemstones with a classic navy outfit.

A woman wearing assorted necklaces, as well as three stacked Grand rings, a Warren ring, and Rosecliff Stackable ring.

Moonstone and Pink Opal look wonderful together, creating a delicate pastel color story that's infinitely wearable.

Rosy Pink Tourmaline is a wonderful partner for pearly white Moonstone. This gemstone combination is featured in HAVERHILL's Pink Awareness Collection; 10% of the purchase price of this jewelry goes to Bright Pink, a nonprofit devoted to helping women understand and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

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Is Moonstone a good-luck stone?

Tradition says that wearing your birthstone is good luck, so if you're a June baby, it's a great choice for jewelry! Moonstone is considered to be a very lucky stone in general, so it makes a wonderful gem for everybody.

What is the birthstone for June?

Moonstone is one of June's birthstones; the other is Alexandrite.

Should I wear Moonstone only if it’s my birthstone?

People wear gemstones for many reasons, not just because it’s the birthstone for the month they were born. You may choose to wear a stone because you feel a connection to the color, because its traditional meaning resonates with you, or because it reminds you of someone you love, such as a child, friend, or loved one who’s passed away. Jewelry is extremely personal and you should feel free to wear any gemstone that speaks to you.

What's the difference between Moonstone and Opal?

Both of these popular gemstones have a pearly luster, and tend to be white or nearly colorless, though they can be found in a variety of hues. The unique sheen of Moonstone is almost always blu-ish, while Opal's visual effect (aptly called opalescence) displays a prism of colors.