' Stories Behind Personalized Birthstone Necklaces
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Stories Behind Birthstones

Stories Behind Birthstones

When I first designed the Custom Birthstone Collection, I wanted to create pieces that represented your loved ones and I must say, I underestimated just how meaningful these pieces are for people. Throughout the holiday season, I heard many stories that made me cry with joy and some which made me cry with sadness. 


Many Birthstone pieces were made to celebrate an entire family; a badge of honor for a proud mother. Some pieces represent other family members, aside from a nuclear family. For example, one necklace in the holidays was made for a daughter who had never met her birth father. Upon meeting, he wanted to give her a personalized birthstone necklace that had all of the stones of her newfound family so even though they have been apart for 31 years, she would now feel as though they will always be together going forward. We just sent a Birthstone Bracelet to a woman who recently lost her father. Her dad's December Birthstone will be worn to make her feel that he is always with her.


On a lighter note, the requests for making birthstone jewelry for grandmothers with 9, 10 and 11 stones during the holidays became quite regular. We love getting all the grandchildren on one necklace! We will be adding these soon to our site but in the meantime, you can contact us for any special requests. 


We are honored and moved by how important our Custom Birthstone items have proven to be and we thank you for allowing our designs to represent your loved ones in such a powerful way. As I mentioned, when we started this collection we were excited about the representation of birthstones but now we are blown away by their pure significance. 

*Shown above: Suzette, one of Haverhill's nearest and dearest, wearing the One Stone Birthstone Necklace with her beautiful (and wonderful) daughter's Birthstone for June, Moonstone.