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Work, Play, and Live New England.

Become a vibrant part of our community and discover how HAVERHILL might be the right fit for you.

Work x Haverhill

A Supportive Team

You will be surrounded by a dynamic team of visionaries who strive to be bold, creative, and authentic. We pride ourselves on innovation and initiatives and we confront challenges with confidence.

Growth and Development

Employee retention and growth is vital to our success. You will be given opportunities to explore, experiment and evolve. This approach has created a positive and collaborative work environment which allows you to reach your maximum potential.







Feel Fulfilled

As part of a small company, your work is immediately visible and extremely valuable. You will feel your contribution each and every day. We foster a safe space for ingenuity, which leads you to feel engaged and purposeful.

Join the Fun

You will work on projects that you'll love with people that you'll enjoy in an open and fun environment. We're a small organization with strong camaraderie as we work hard and laugh at the same time.

Make a Difference

Our waterfront Rhode Island location reminds us of our environmental impact. We are consciously minimizing our footprint on the environment, focusing on deeply personal designs with the majority made to order in our central location.

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