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Styling Tips for Birthstone Mother’s Rings

What does a Mother’s Ring look like?

Haverhill yellow gold rings scattered on a blue and yellow background. Center ring has large 8 mm x 10 mm emerald cut moonstone. Birthstone bands with 2 mm gemstones, Grand ring with 6 mm bezel set aquamarine.

How to design a Mother’s Ring

Woman's hand in front of backdrop of flowering trees. She is wearing a Haverhill Greenwich Opal and Nantucket Blue Topaz ring in 14k yellow gold.
Woman's hand wearing HAVERHILL Rosecliff Small Circle Ring with dimonds and rainbow colored gemstones.
Woman's hand with HAVERHILL Rosecliff Stackable band Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds set in yellow gold. Eleven 2 mm stones in prong setting

How to Arrange the Birthstones

WOman's hand wearing four HAVERHILL yellow gold rings. Ring finger has 2 Roescliff Stackable Diamond bands, middle finger has Rosecliff Cricle Ring with Peridot, pointer finger has Rosecliff Small Circle Ring with alternating diamonds, Blue Topaz & Rubies
Woman's hand wearing HAVERHILL Rosecliff Personalized Stackable ring with 11 colored gemstones.

Do birthstones have meaning?

Is a Mother’s Ring a good Push Present?

Can you stack several rings together?

Woman's hand wearing set of  4 HAVERHILL Rosecliff Rings stacked together. Each ring has 11 four mm stones set in prongs. Top ring is Diamond, then elerald, the Pink Tourmaline, then Sapphire
Woman wearing white sleeveless blouse. On her hand she is wearing 3 HAVERHILL rings.Top ring is Rosecliff emerald and diamond stackable band, middle is Greenwich Peridot & diamond band with a 4 mm Peridot, bottom ring is a Rosecliff Diamond Stackable ring
Woman's hand with 3 HAVERHILL Grand Birthstone Rings. Each ring has a single briolette cut 6 mm gemstone set in 14 k yellow gold. Rings are Sapphire, Turquoise and Amethyst

How to create a Grandmother’s Ring

Woman's hand wearing HAVERHILL Warren Nantucket Blue Topaz Ring with personalized birthstone accents on side bands. Cewnter stone is emerald cut light blue stone and double band is encrusted with 2 mm birthstones
Woman's hand in front of foliage in background. On her wrist are several HAVERHILL bracelets including Grand Turquoise and Sapphire braceelt and Adelaide bracelet. On her finger is a Rosecliff Small Circle Ring with diamond, Blue Topaz & Amethyst

How to design a family ring

Woman's hand with 3 HAVERHILL rings. Ring finger has Rosecliff Stackable Diamond band and middle finger has Rosecliff diamond band and Greenwich 3 stone ring with 2 Nantucket Blue Topaz and one white topaz stones in 4 mm surrounding a 2.1 mm diamond
Woman's hand wearing 2 HAVERHILL rings. On Ring finger she is wearing a Greenwich Sapphire and Diamond ring and on her middle finger she is wearing a Greenwich 5 stone Personalized ring with  white topaz, peridot, sapphire, citrine and alexandrite

Why sustainable materials matter

How to find the right ring size

Six Haverhill Rings sitting on a white background. There are 2 Rosecliff band rings, 2 Warren emerald cut rings and a Grand Blue Topaz ring and a Greenwich peridot ring

Need help designing?

A meaningful gift she will cherish

Mother holding young child and smiling at him. Both are wearing white and mother is wearing a set of three HAVERHILL Mother's rings

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Should the ring include the mother’s birthstone?

Some mother’s like the ring to be only their children, and some people like to include the mother’s birthstone to emphasize the mother child connection. This is  personal choice, though it sometimes may be influenced by the number and color of birthstones included. At times, adding the mother’s birthstone might visually complete the design.

On which Finger should you wear a Mother’s Ring?

Traditionally, Mother’s Rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. However, traditions are loosening, opening up creative options for ring styling. For women who choose one ring for each child, the rings can be worn together on one finger, or worn on separate fingers. Jewelry is personal and empowering - a place for you to wear what you love in whatever way you like. 

Can you only give a Mother’s Ring on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and the arrival of new babies are all perfect occasions for giving Mother’s Rings. Really, though, mother’s are deserving of a little extra love every day of the year, so pick the day that is right for her. She will love that you are honoring her role as a mom in a meaningful and lasting way.