10% of the purchase price for the Wisdom Collection will be donated to Meals on Wheels America.

Meals on Wheels America honors the elderly every day by delivering nutritious meals, practicing friendly visits and safety checks which enable America’s seniors to live nourished lives with independence and dignity.

By purchasing an item from the Wisdom Collection, you are directly helping to support this phenomenal cause.


The Wisdom Collection is made of solid 14k gold, sustainably grown sapphires and natural moonstones. 



Wisdom Bracelet 3 Stone

From $225.00 - $235.00

Wisdom Necklace 3 Stone

From $325.00 - $365.00

Wisdom Bracelet 5 Stone

From $265.00 - $275.00

Wisdom Necklace 5 Stone

From $365.00 - $405.00

Wisdom Bracelet 7 Stone

From $305.00 - $315.00

Wisdom Necklace 7 Stone

From $405.00 - $445.00