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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

November is always a busy month at HAVERHILL as the holiday rush starts in full swing and we embrace every second of it. Last week, we had a fabulous trunk show in Ohio and now we are off to Chicago to spread the holiday spirit. 

As travel is a prominent part of our November, I thought I’d share my travel essentials, including the perfect outfit for being cozy, casual and still chic.

It’s cold in Chicago! I’m sporting my new, super warm long jacket from North Face. I really did my research to find something crazy warm but still stylish and so far I’m beyond satisfied! Have you seen my new hat from Hat Attack? I wore it to the airport and then I rolled it up and put in in my carry-on once I got inside. This felt hat is ideal for travel because you don't have to keep it on your lap or worry about it getting damaged in the overhead compartment. 

Since there’s always a chance that as you take a sip of coffee in your airplane seat, there may be turbulence at that very moment, I never pack anything too precious to wear or that can show stains. These cozy t-shirts from Zara are the perfect length so you don’t need to tuck them in and they come in a variety of colors, I chose black for versatility (and potential coffee spills).

I’m all about layers for travel because you can go through different climates but even when it’s hot outside, the cold air on the plane warrants a sweater. My go-to is a sand colored cardigan from White and Warren. I love it because there are no buttons so I can just wrap it comfortably around me like a blanket. 

My new favorite jeans from AG are ideal for travel because unlike most of my super high waisted ones that I admittedly end up unbuttoning, they are not quite as high rise on top but cropped high on the bottom for versatile weather situations and a fun look.

As far as we’re concerned, no outfit is complete without some sparkle. The two most popular travel items that we sell are the Lang Pendant and the Custom Birthstone Necklace. The Lang Pendant dresses up any outfit from casual to dressy, you can adjust the length of the chain to go from super long (32”) to choker so it changes with your outfit, and most of all, it’s a beautiful, stand out piece. The Custom Birthstone Necklaces are ideal for travel because you never have to take them off as they are made of solid gold so there is no leaving yours at hotels, etc. My loved ones are each represented by their birthstones on my 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace which allows me to feel connected to them when I am traveling, which makes it my most meaningful piece of jewelry. 

I can’t fall asleep in bright lights so my eye mask goes everywhere I go and combined with listening to classical music on my noise canceling headphones, the trip is off to a great start.

I try not to drink too much coffee, but rather drink as much water as humanly possible to prevent overall dehydration. I also slather up by body the night before in coconut oil and I actually wear a night cream on my face when I’m on the plane, my pick is this

I can't forget to mention my favorite luggage set from Samsonite. I love this set because these pieces are impossible to scratch, they have a very cool, sleek and secure design, and they fit into each other like Russian dolls so once you unpack, you can put them together and store them away.

If you have a chance to travel this holiday season, safe travels and stay comfy and hydrated!