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Two children each hold a signature gift box wrapped with a satin ribbon over their mother's lap.
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Top 5 Personalized Birthday Gifts in 14K Gold

Our Rosecliff stackable birthstone rings make a fantastic personalized birthday gift. You can customize them with the birthstones of your loved one's family, creating a truly personal and sentimental piece. Their stackable design allows for creativity and versatility, and you can add new rings for each special occasion (the gift that keeps on giving!) These rings offer timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, making them not only a beautiful gift but also a lasting symbol of the love and connection you share with the recipient.

Woman wearing multiple Rosecliff Stackable rings, all in 14k yellow gold and stacked on various fingers.

HAVERHILL's 14K gold Greenwich Earrings are a perfect choice for a personalized 50th birthday gift. Timeless design and subtle sparkle come together in these earrings for a meaningful present that will properly celebrate this important milestone. The birthstones you choose, highlighted by a diamond, honor her five decades of life and represent the beauty and wisdom that come with age. Even better news, these studs come with one, four or five birthstones - so whether she prefers something understated and delicate, something flashy and showstopping, or somewhere in between - there's an option for a personalized birthday gift that will suit her style.

Pair of Greenwich Solitaire earrings in 14k yellow gold, each featuring one 4mm prong set ruby and 2.1mm prong set diamond.

There is something for everyone in our 14K gold symbol jewelry collection.
Each piece in the collection carries a special symbol that conveys a specific message or intention - from zodiac signs to good luck charms to religious symbols - you are sure to find something that resonates perfectly with her personality, heritage, beliefs, identity, or wishes. Whether it's a heart symbol for love, an infinity sign for growth, or a woman sign for empowerment, these pieces are ones she will never want to take off. And she doesn't have to - crafted from 14K gold, both lightweight and sturdy, these pieces are made for everyday wear. For an extra touch, add her birthstone for some extra sparkle and joy.

Flat Horseshoe necklace with Adelaide Mini chain, Small Flat Horseshoe necklace, & two infinity necklaces in 14k yellow gold.

Our Classic Birthstone and Letter collection marries personalization with elegance. Each piece features at least one birthstone alongside at least one delicately engraved initial - a winning combination for a timeless and meaningful accessory. Select her birthstone and her initial to give her a daily reminder of how awesome she is - or select the birthstones and initials of those she loves, reminding her of how loved she is. Or maybe you want to spell out a word - mama, warrior, love, peace - there really is no limit. Keep in mind, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for - just reach out to our concierge team to request a truly unique piece. We are here for you! A touch of sophistication with an added bonus of sentimental value - you are sure to be a hero with this personalized birthday gift.

Wrist wearing a personalized Classic 2 Letter & 3 Birthstone bracelet featuring 0.25in flat engraved discs and 4mm gemstones.

The Rosecliff Bar Necklace, featuring 11 birthstones that are prong set in 14K gold, allows for ample personalization. While a traditional choice would be to utilize her birthstone, or birthstones of loved oned - don't feel confined, this is a piece where you can think outside of the box. Each of us have different colors we are drawn to for different reasons - maybe you want to showcase her college colors, the colors of the flag of her heritage, the colors of her favorite sports team, the color of her favorite flower - with twelve color options, you can even cover the whole rainbow. Did you know that most states even have their own color? Hawaii even has an official color for each of its' eight islands! It is clear the colors have an emotional component - design this elegantly curved bar with the colors that will bring her comfort and joy and remind her of what she is proud of.

Woman wearing a personalized Rosecliff Bar necklace featuring eleven 2mm prong set gemstones on a 1.17mm cable chain.
Toddler's hands holding a signature jewelry gift box wrapped with a satin ribbon.

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