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Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: curated with love by Haverhill Leach and her team


Plan ahead for a sophisticated dinner at home. Set the mood by decorating your dinner table with candles, a combination of white and red roses, and fine porcelain plates.  Where white roses symbolize loyalty and red roses symbolize passion, this combination shows your loved one the multiple ways you value them.  Choose a recipe from 'Nouvelle Cuisine' to add an elegant touch. Surprise her with a lavish gift: an extravagant candle holder, such as Constellation Candle Holder For Classic Candles by Diptyque, complemented by the fresh figs scent of Philosykose au de Toilette by Diptyque, and a luxurious Personalized Horizontal Warren Birthstone Ring in White Topaz. You may take a look at our other Personalized Birthstone Rings but make sure you surprise her with a stunning piece. For a final romantic flourish, sprinkle red and white petals in your Valentine’s Day gift box.


If your loved one is a classic romantic and cherishes the symbolism of red (often associated with love and passion), we suggest you theme your Valentine's Day gift with 'Red Rhapsody'. Present your beloved with a cranberry Iittala Kivi tealight candle holder, paired with their Essence Red Wine Stemware, and the essential Aalto cranberry vase. Complete this perfect Valentine's Day Red Rhapsody with our exquisite Rosecliff Circle Diamond & Ruby Ring. Set the ambiance with an intimate at-home date; fill the vase with red roses, pour your favorite red wine (or red wine alternative - like those you can find at Curious Elixirs), add some decadent chocolate, and enjoy the moment with your love in the romantic candlelight.


If your loved one is enchanted by nature's beauty, consider organizing a picnic in the sunny beaches of the south, or a leisurely nocturnal walk beneath the snowy pine trees with a torch. For a nature-themed luxury Valentine's Day gift, offer HAVERHILL's personalized Greenwich Flower Birthstone & Diamond Earrings. Complement these with the Blue Fluted Full Lace Vase - a timeless classic from ROYAL COPENHAGEN, and the HEELEY SEL MARIN PERFUME. These gentle, nature-inspired gifts are sure to be cherished and remembered.

If you want to tone down the nature theme, you can always choose another pair of our timelessly elegant Birthstone Earnings.


If you're newly in love with an art enthusiast, we recommend choosing a piece of elegant silk lingerie, like an Aubade silk kimono. Pair it with a thoughtfully selected piece of art. We're fond of the hugging couple sculptures - the example below is by Marko Humphrey-Laht, but there are many talented artists to explore, so don't hesitate to demonstrate your appreciation and taste for art too. To complete this gift, include Haverhill's Personalized Adelaide 3 Pavé Birthstone Necklace - a modern yet classic heirloom perfect for your artsy partner or any other necklace from our collection of Birthstone 14k Gold Necklaces. Plan a date to a local gallery opening or museum, or try your hand at art together by finding a glassblowing, painting, or other art class that appeals to you.


If your loved one has a fondness for all things French, and perhaps you've shared memorable visits to Paris or other French cities, then we recommend selecting one of the romantic art pieces by Malika Favre, such as the 'Kiss' screenprint. Enhance this gift with a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, a Petite Lune Hermes watch in red, and our Engravable Large Flat Heart Pendant with Adelaide Chain, etched with your initials to symbolize your everlasting bond. Plan an evening dedicated to recreating the magic of Parisian Romance - baguettes, brie, aromatic onion soup, slow-roasted chicken, and decadent desserts will all come together to transport you and your loved one to the city of romance.


If you're dating someone who adores traveling and feels more at home in the air than on the ground, we suggest choosing the book 'World's Most Romantic Destinations: 50 Dreamy Getaways, Private Retreats, and Enchanting Places to Celebrate Love.' Complement this gift with a Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 45 bag and our Personalized Rosecliff Heart Birthstone Necklace for a touch of personalized elegance.  Carve out time with your loved one to dream up your travel bucket list - brainstorm the places you want to see and create a vision board together to cement the vision.  Experiences like this will deepen your intimate connection and signal your commitment to a lifetime of adventure and exploration together.


If your loved one is a cinephile, someone who revels in the art of cinema and enjoys every moment in the movie theater, we have the perfect suggestion. Consider giving an annual subscription to The Criterion Channel, a treasure trove for movie lovers. Pair this with a cozy Eric Bompard cashmere sweater if you're in a colder climate, or opt for a luxurious lambswool Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw for a touch of warmth and comfort. To add a personalized element, include one of our Birthstone 14k Gold Bracelets such as the Classic Infinity & 2 Birthstone Bracelet.  Provide a buffet of their favorite snacks and settle in for a cozy movie night together.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas: Conclusion

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When is Valentine's Day?

As February 14th approaches, the air fills with a tangible vibe of romance and anticipation. The season of love is upon us, and with it comes the age-old celebration of Valentine's Day and the art of selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts. At HAVERHILL, we believe that this occasion is not just a day on the calendar; it is an opportunity to express your deepest affection through personal, meaningful gestures. Join us on a journey through the captivating history of Valentine's Day and discover the art of selecting a deeply personal Valentine’s Day Gift that transcends the ordinary.

Why is Valentine's Day Celebrated?

Valentine's Day has a fascinating history that dates back to the 14th century. Although its origins are somewhat mysterious and debated, it is widely believed to be named after St. Valentine. Legend has it that St. Valentine courageously defied the Roman Emperor's decree to outlaw marriages for young couples, intended to ensure a plentiful supply of single men for war. St. Valentine believed in the power of love and secretly performed marriages. Eventually, he paid the price for his actions, but is said to have even befriended the prison guard’s daughter while jailed - signing their correspondence “From Your Valentine.”   This spirit of love and friendship left behind a legacy that would inspire generations to come.

What Is a Good Valentine's Day Gift?

Valentine's Day has evolved over the centuries into a celebration of love and affection. It is a day when people express their feelings for one another through intimate dates, thoughtful gestures, heartfelt words, and, of course, the exchange of meaningful gifts. This day serves as a reminder to cherish and celebrate the bonds we share with our significant others, family, and friends.

How Much Should You Spend on a Valentine's Day Gift?

Instead of focusing on 'How much to spend on a Valentine's Day gift?', consider dedicating time and attention to thoughtfully curate or personalize a gift paired with an experience for your loved one. Understanding their desires, secret wishes, style preferences, favorite book genres, movie types, places they cherish, fragrances they adore, favorite colors, and more, is essential in selecting the perfect, memorable gift for this year's Valentine's Day.  HAVERHILL has personalized jewelry options for a wide range of budgets, your knowledge of your special someone is the magic that will help you design the just right piece to tell your love story.   We encourage you to deeply understand what resonates with your loved one and begin your search from there.