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Nantucket Charm

Nantucket Charm

When I was little, my parents rented the same home in the Historic District of Nantucket for about 4 years and the memories I have today are still so magical and vivid. The house was steps from the center of town, so it created my brother's and my first opportunity for independence, at ages 6 and 3 respectfully, walking on cobblestone streets to buy a bag of scrumptious Downy Flake doughnuts and getting the newspaper at The Hub. Also, we never passed up the chance to ride bikes with Mom and Dad to get ice cream at The Juice Bar, where I had my first waffle cone piled high with their creamy ice cream, both homemade. (Yes, my most intense memories revolve around food! :) 
Nantucket is the most charming place on Earth - from the signature white cedar shingled houses with their window boxes bursting with multi-colored blooms to its picturesque harbor full of world class sailboats, perfect lobster rolls and endless sandy beaches, it makes for the perfect summer retreat.
I'm thrilled to be returning to the island this week to present my jewelry at the Art and Artisan's Show, which supports the nonprofit, Small Friends on Nantucket, set against beautiful Bartlett's Farm!
Vintage Land Rovers are quintessentially Nantucket. :)
The window boxes are prize-worthy in Nantucket. This is actually at the post office!
Enjoying seaside cocktails at Cru Nantucket
Siasconset Footbridge at early evening.
Letting my bare feet touch the sand at Siasconset Beach.
We love Chanticleer for special occasion dinners!
The Summerhouse is a lovely beachside spot for a bite while you are biking the island! 
The blue on the Nantucket flag stands for the sea and the sky, the white represents the beaches and the whale framed by a circle of symbolizes " both the globe which Nantucket whale ships range and the compass rose which guided them across oceanic hunting grounds."