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Love for Gemstones

Love for Gemstones

Gemstones have been loved for centuries. The anicent Greeks considered gemstones to be tears of the gods and the Romans used garnet, amethyst and quartz in their intricate pieces that were often embellished with gold. Lapis is associated with royalty and ancient Egyptians believed it came from the heavens. 

There are many significant and beautiful gemstones out there and when added to jewelry they can take on new meaning.  They may mark milestones in our lives—birthdays, parenthood, friendships and love. They add brilliance and luster to silver and gold pieces and are perfect to be worn everyday. 

I love incorporating gemstones into my designs because as much as I love a simple metal only piece, adding a gemstone (or several) adds a pop of color and sparkle to lighten up your day.  I know it sounds a lttle cheesy, but when I look down at a gem and watch how it reacts to the light, it can turn a dull moment into something a little more magical. 

When I often meet my customers, they would always ask when I would offer a necklace similar to our popular, Bayberry Necklace, but with only one stone. It got me thinking on creating a collection with a single gem set in a bezel setting, which led me to create our brand new, Eve Necklace.  I offer this new single stone collection in numerous gemstones including birthstones so you can customize it with loved ones or your own birthstone month.  It's a great gift that offers meaning and elegance at the same time.

My love for gemstones constantly evolves and in the next few weeks, I am launching a new collection that I am so excited about.  It will focus on Birthstones and you can customize the pieces to make them extra special and meaningful. Subscribers get a first sneak peek at the collection, so make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletter.