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An Adelaide 1 Pavé Amethyst Link bracelet, a personalized Newport bracelet, and a Peace Sign Adelaide Mini bracelet.
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Jewelry Designed to Live In

Our infinitely wearable jewelry is seasonless, too. You can wear our pieces to the pool and the beach, while playing sports, or just catching some backyard rays. We create lightweight, comfortable designs that you forget you have on – meaningful pieces you want to keep on.

Personalized Newport necklace featuring alternating moonstone, emerald, peridot, aquamarine, turquoise, and pink opal stones.

Durable Gold Jewelry

A pair of Rosecliff earrings and a Rosecliff Small Circle necklace, each featuring 2mm faceted round cut gemstones.

Jewelry isn't meant to be hidden away, it's meant to be worn.

Wearable Birthstones

Five Bayberry 3 necklaces, each featuring three 4mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in 14k yellow gold.

Caring for Your Jewelry

Maintain the beauty of your jewelry by keeping it clean. Use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild, dye-free dish soap and water. Let the jewelry soak in a small bowl for a few minutes, then brush gently with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to rinse it completely, and blot dry with a chamois cloth.

While you don't have to remove your jewelry every time you wash your hands or apply lotion, be aware that, over time, products can build up on your jewelry, dulling its shine (especially true for light-colored gems such as White Topaz and Aquamarine). If you notice that your jewelry isn't as shiny as usual, you may want to clean it more often.

A personalized Newport necklace and an Adelaide 5 Pavé Link necklace. Each pavé link features twenty-eight 1.5mm gemstones.

Tip: After a day outdoors, give your jewelry a quick wipe with a soft cloth to remove any sunscreen, lotion, mosquito repellent, or fragrance you may have applied.

We use only one gemstone that needs a little extra TLC – Turquoise. This vibrant blue stone is porous, meaning it can absorb the chemicals in lotions, creams, and perfumes, which may cause its color to change. Remove your Turquoise jewelry before applying anything that could be absorbed by the stone. Avoid wearing it in water, keep it away from extreme heat, and be sure not to strike it against hard surfaces. Never clean Turquoise with harsh jewelry cleaners, or in an ultrasonic cleaner.

2 parallel strands of a Newport Grand Turquoise necklace featuring 6mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in 14k yellow gold.

Living in Necklaces

Necklaces are so popular that many women like to wear several at a time. There are many creative ways to layer them. For a chic layered look, try these tips:
• Wear necklaces of different lengths. If there's at least a two-inch length difference between each piece, they'll be less likely to tangle, and each necklace will be more visible.
• When wearing necklaces with a pendant, put the pendant on a longer chain so it sits below the other pieces (it'll stand out more).
• Strand necklaces and bar necklaces are especially flattering when worn at the collarbone.
• To keep necklaces from tangling while you sleep, wear no more than two at a time.

Woman wearing a layered Adelaide Mini necklace, a Rosecliff Diamond Bar necklace, and a Providence 6 Emerald pendant.

Tips for detangling necklaces:
• If there's a knot in the chain, try applying a tiny drop of mineral oil, then use two straight pins to work the knot apart. The oil lubricates the chain links so that they don't get caught on each other.
• Necklaces get tangled while you slept? First, pull back your hair so that it's not caught in the chains. Then gently move your fingers along the necklaces to separate them.

Rosecliff Bar necklace with eleven alternating 2mm round cut diamonds and sapphires, prong set in yellow gold - angled view.

Living in Bracelets

Bracelets are wonderful in their variety – they can be quiet and understated, bold and playful. They're always in our line of sight, meaning we can enjoy their appearance on our wrists as much as everyone else. And, of course, they look fantastic when worn in layers. Unlike necklaces, bracelets rarely get tangled together, so you can wear two, three, or more knowing they're going to look great all day.

A clover bracelet, a Mama bracelet featuring four 0.25in flat engraved letter discs, and a 1.24mm rolo chain Mia bracelet.

Wondering how best to layer your birthstone bracelets and chains? The key is contrast. Juxtapose colors, sizes, and textures to create a look that's visually captivating:
• For variety in texture, try wearing bracelets with different chains (think classic cable and a paperclip chain).
• Pair a close-fitting bracelet with a couple of looser ones.
• Mix sizes: try a single large stone next to a strand of smaller gems.
• Anchor your fashion-forward bracelets with a sentimental piece.
• Layer all-gold bracelets with a gemstone piece for a pop of color.

Adelaide Mini bracelet, Classic 3 Pink Tourmaline Birthstone bracelet, & personalized 1 Letter & 1 Birthstone bracelet.

Living in Rings

Rings are some of the most sentimental jewelry we own. Engagement rings, wedding rings, mother's rings – they all mean something special. And, of course, rings are a great way to express your personality. Glancing at a favorite gem, glowing on a golden band, can be a quiet pleasure you enjoy throughout the day. Rings stack wonderfully, too. Bands and solitaires can be mixed and matched to great effect.

Three stacked Rosecliff rings featuring 2mm faceted round cut, prong set emeralds, sapphires, & diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Love the look of rings? Try these tips:
• When stacking rings, three is a magic number. A solitaire between two Rosecliff bands, or three together, make a memorable statement.
• Pair a bold ring on one finger with more understated pieces on the other fingers.
• Try wearing a slim Rosecliff band on your index finger.
• For a balanced look, wear your largest ring on your ring finger or middle finger.
Diamond rings are truly timeless, and add a touch of sparkle to your look.

Woman's hand wearing three Rosecliff Stackable rings & a Warren ring featuring a 10 x 8mm Atlantic Blue Topaz center stone.

Living in Earrings

Earrings can not only add a pop of color to the face, they're supremely easy to wear. Small earrings, especially, are comfortable enough to sleep in. Best of all, a chic pair of earrings can make us feel dressed, even when we're just lounging in our favorite yoga pants.

Close-up of woman's ear wearing a personalized Grand 3 Birthstone earring featuring aquamarine, peridot, and pink sapphire.

Many people today have multiple ear piercings, giving them lots of styling options. A few suggestions:
• Statement earrings make a bigger impact when worn by themselves.
• When wearing multiple pairs of stud earrings, try arranging them so that the largest pair is on your earlobes, with smaller pairs worn above.
• A classic layered look: drop earrings (or huggy hoops) worn on the earlobe, with a pair of studs worn above.

Close-up of woman's ear wearing a Providence Alexandrite stud earring and a Rosecliff Diamond earring in 14k yellow gold.

The Sunset Collection

Sunset Newport Grand necklace featuring alternating 6mm briolette cut, bezel set citrine and pink sapphire gemstones.
Sunset necklace featuring seven alternating 4mm citrine and pink tourmaline bezel set gemstones on a 1.17mm cable chain.

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What's the best jewelry for everyday wear?

HAVERHILL jewelry, handcrafted in 14k gold and gemstones, is designed for everyday wear. You can sun, swim, splash, and sleep in it.

How do I care for my everyday jewelry?

Keep it in its jewelry pouch or box to keep any gems from being scratched. Clean occasionally using a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild, dye-free dish soap and water. Rinse it completely, and blot dry with a soft cloth.

Can I wear jewelry to the beach?

Yes, you can wear our jewelry on the sand and in the sea. After the beach, just wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any sunscreen or lotion. The only gem we recommend not wearing to the beach is Turquoise, as it can absorb both water and sunscreen.