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Fav Items In My Home

Fav Items In My Home

I have always been somewhat of a collector. For years, I've picked up items in my travels and places that I lived such as New York City, Los Angeles and Italy.  These special items I have carried with me from home to home, from a West Village carriage house to a 1950s California ranch to my now classic New England colonial. 

Living in Los Angeles was what truly inspired the clean lines of my jewelry collection. I've always had a passion for mid-century furniture design and architecture but being surrounded by the styles from that era in and around LA, actually shifted the way that I design.  Mid-century modern design is still relevant and timeless because, I believe it is thoughtfully designed to be functional, beautiful, simple and of good quality. I wanted to create jewelry that would be the same and stand the test of time. Fine jewelry that you can wear everyday with a solid sweater to a bright patterned dress and will never will go out of style. 

Just like my jewelry, I like to collect items that work in all spaces and styles.  One of my favorite mid-century pieces I picked up for my home was at New York's Chelsea Flea Market back in the day and the other is my favorite chair from Design Within Reach. Mixing and matching vintage items and new ones always works for me and makes my space feel more lived in. I also love going to estate sales, antique shopping and hitting flea markets when I can to find the right interesting piece.  

Below are some of my favorite items in my home that will remain timeless, just like my jewelry. 


1) Vase from Waylande Gregory -- This ceramic vase lives on my mantel and is currently housing pink tulips. It was a gift from my style muse, my mom, and is a piece that always makes me smile. 

2) Pair of Hand Painted Papier-Mâché Flamingos -- Because why not? One of our flamingo ladies sadly did not make the move from LA to Rhode Island, but her sister grazes very happily in our home and likes to move around from room to room. She is currently in the family room—perhaps she's binge watching something.

3) This MR Armless Lounge Chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the epitome of cool mid-century modern design, but it also happens to be the most comfortable chair in my house. Purchased brand-new, it can be a bit of a bank breaker, but if you search long enough online, you can find one second-hand, as I did.

4) Hermes Mosaique au 24 Gold Tray  -- This was a gift from my best friend for being her Maid of Honor. This lives on my dresser in my bedroom and holds my earrings, bracelets and rings that I take off when I sleep. 

5) Globe Floor Lamp from the 1960s --  This is not my exact lamp, but it's very similar to the one I have in my home.  When my son was one year old, he knocked the lamp over and it smashed to oblivion. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and I was living in LA at the time where you can get vintage replacement globes rather quickly. 
6)  Pixel Steps Rug --  I do not shy away from color. I also do not spend a fortune on rugs because there are so many great ones available these days. Plus, I have a dog and two kids so messes will happen.  This colorful West Elm rug has a mid-century flair to it and sits in our family room, so it is often decorated in legos, Nerf bullets and organic blue corn chips. This rug anchors the room and makes it feel more playful. 
Hope you guys like this little peek into my home and seeing some of my favorite pieces that I have acquired over the years.