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Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas - Jewelry & More

Anniversaries are worth celebrating

Embrace the Romance

Perhaps you want to embrace the romantic nature of the occasion. A bouquet of the flowers from her wedding bouquet (bring a wedding photo to the florist as a reference) or a return visit to the spot where you proposed or went on your honeymoon. Jewelry, especially with the romantic pinks and reds of Pink Tourmaline, Rubies or Garnets, brings the symbolism of compassion, love and devotion. Or take her on a romantic picnic in a beautiful setting or a concert of her favorite band.

Bride holding a bouquet of white roses, red berries, green foliage and accent flowers

Get Creative with Numbers

Connect the number of years you have been married with the gift you choose. For example, if you have been married three years, think about gifts which have three elements like a 3 day weekend stay at a B & B, a three course dinner at a farm to table restaurant, or a 3 birthstone necklace with both your birthstones and the stone for the month of your wedding.

Blond woman wearing denim shirt with v-neck and a HAVERHILL Personalized 3 Birthstone necklace with white topaz, nantucket blue topaz and moonstone 4 mm stones bezel set in 14k yellow gold evenly spaced and centered on a dainty chain.

Pamper her!

There are so many ways to step back from the bustle of life and unwind. A day at the spa complete with massage, facial and medicare can be rejuvenating. Or perhaps an annual pass to her favorite museum, a gift certificate to classes in painting, music or crafting, or a day spent at her favorite antique market are all ways to show her that you love everything about her. Sometimes, if you have young kids at home, this “me” time can be especially important.

BAth tray with candle, flowers, bath salts resting over bath water. Manicured woman's hand is touching the flowers.

Draw on Tradition

You can always draw on tradition and look to the established list of themes for anniversary years. The first such list came from Emily Post in 1922 who created a list of anniversary gifts including paper, cloth, leather, flowers, and wood for the first five years. This list has been expanded over the years and can serve as an inspiration for gifting. For example, for a 5 year anniversary gift the theme is wood, which represents the deep rooted strength of your marriage. Wood themed options might include a wooden jewelry box with an inlay design, a day sailing on a wooden sailboat, or a handmade wooden cutting board if you have woodworking skills.

Wood live edge cutting board with knife and herbs, blue plate with herbs, stone mortar and pestle and wood pepper grinder. all set on wood table

Find the perfect Gemstone

In 1937, recognizing the romantic nature of gifting jewelry for anniversaries, the American National Retail Jewelry Association created a list of gemstones associated with each anniversary. The gemstones were chosen based on traditions and on the symbolic meaning attached to the gemstones. Other major gemological associations soon followed, including the Jewelers of America, the American Gem Society, the American Gem Trade Association and the Gemological Institute of America. 

Colorful faceted gemstones scattered on a white textured background.
Flay lay photo of Haverhill Dimond Circle ring, small and large diamond circle necklace, and 2 Rosecliff stckable diamond rings all set in 14k yellow gold with 2 mm lab grown diamonds
Haverhill Warren Ruby Ring with 8 mm x 10 mm emerald cut ruby in a bezel setting on a split shank band on a gray and wite background. A Newport Ruby Necklace with a continuous strnad of 4 mm bezel set rubies circles around the ring.
HAVREHILL emerald jewelery in yellow gold on a white background. A Greenwich 4 Emerald and Diamond neckalce with 4 mm emeralds surrounding a 2.1 mm diamond, a Rosecliff Stackable Diamond and Emerald Ring and a Providence Emerald Stud Earring

Meaningful Personalized Jewelry

Six Birthstone Rings laying flat on a grey background. Rosecliff Stackable Band ring with rubies and diamonds, Grand Nantucket Blue Topaz 6mm ring, Warren White Topaz emerald cut ring, Greenwich Peridot and diamond ring, Rosecliff emerald and diamond ring

Mother’s Rings and Necklaces

Last Minute Magic

Woman wearing a pink floral dress 4 HAVERHILL necklaces. Top necklace is a Rosecliff Diamond Bar necklace with 11 (2mm) diamonds, a solitaire white topaz 6 mm Grand necklace, a heart pendant with an engraved H and an Adelaide Paperclip Necklace in 14k gol

First Anniversary - Gold

generosity and compassion

Second Anniversary - Garnet

the heart and life force

Moonstone bracelets with continuous strand of 4 mm Moonstones set in 14k gold bezels. Haverhill Grand Moonstone earrings set in yellow gold, gold chain all laying flat on a grey background

Third Anniversary - Pearls & Moonstone


HAVERHILL Jewelry laying flat on gray and white background. Warren Nantucket Blue Topaz pendant with paperclip chain and large rectangular cut stone. Newport necklace and earrings with continuous strand of 4 mm briolette cut gemstones set in gold bezels

Fourth Anniversary - Blue Topaz

clear communications

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Greenwich Earrings with 4 mm sapphires and 2.1 mm diamonds. Also a Newport Sapphir bracelet with 4 mm briolette cut gemstones in yellow gold bezels curves behind the earrings set on a gray and white background.

Fifth Anniversary - Sapphire

romantic devotion

Flat lay of amethyst jewelry including 3 Rosecliff stackable rings, one with alternating diamonds. Also Newport Amethyst necklace with continuous strand of 4mm briolette cut amethyst in 14k gold bezels.

Sixth Anniversary - Amethyst

marital devotion

Silver ring with rectangular cut black onyx stone and wide band

Seventh Anniversary - Onyx

harmonious relationships

Eighth Anniversary - Tourmaline

love and compassion

HAVERHILL Britol Bead necklace with Lapus Lazuli bead ceneter between 4 gold beads on a dainty chain.

Ninth Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

strength and courage

A jewelry set featuring a yellow gold Rosecliff Small Circle Necklace and a pair of Rosecliff Earrings, set with diamonds on a grey textured background.

Tenth Anniversary - Diamond

love and fidelity

Eleventh Anniversary - Turquoise

protection from evil

HAVERHILL Bristol Bead necklace with a Green Agate bead centered between 4 gold beads on a dainty chain

Twelfth Anniversary - Jade, Green Agate

protector of generations, increases compassion

Thirteenth Anniversary - Citrine

energy and creativity

HAVERHILL Greenwich 5 Opal Earrings featuring five 4 mm opals prong set around a 2.1 mm diamond in a yellow gold setting sitting on a tan fabric background

Fourteenth Anniversary - Opal

hope, purity and truth

A Haverhill Rosecliff Garnet Stackable Ring with 2 mm stones, a Grand Garnet Ring with a 6 mm bezel set garnet and a Bayberry 7 Garnet bracelet with 4 mm garnets set in 14k yellow gold bezels

Fifteenth Anniversary - Ruby

love, energy and passion

Two HAVERHILL Rosecliff Rings on a white background. Top ring is Peridot and diamond, bottom ring is all peridot. Each ring has 11 two mm peridot stones prong set in 14k yellow gold

Sixteenth Anniversary - Peridot

brings peace to relationships

Woman's wrist showing white sweater cuff and HAVERHILL gold paperclip bracelet with Amethyst encrusted link

Sixteenth Anniversary - Amethyst and Citrine

devotion and energy

Woman wearing white blouse  and HAVERHILL Newport Grand Pink Opal Necklace with continuous strand of 6 mm pink opals set in 14k yellow gold bezels

Eighteenth Anniversary - Cat's Eye, Opal

serenity and hope

HAVERHILL Rosecliff Stackable Aquamarine Ring in yellow gold and Grand Aquamarine Ring in yellow gold on a gray fabric background

Nineteenth Anniversary - Aquamarine

clarity and harmony

Haverhill Grand Emerald Earrings and Solitaire necklace featuring 6 mm briolette cut emeralds set in 14k yellow gold bezels on a gray and white background fabric.

Twentieth Anniversary - Emerald


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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Our jewelry is made to order in 1 - 4 business days. You can select the shipping method at checkout that works best for you, including expedited and next day air shipping.

Where are you supposed to wear an anniversary ring?

Traditionally, an anniversary ring is worn above the engagement ring and the wedding band is worn below the engagement ring. Traditions are relaxing and so you should feel free to wear your anniversary ring on whichever finger suits you best.

Do I have to stick to the list of anniversary gemstones?

These suggestions are meant to inspire and to give the traditional meaning assocaited with each gemstone. Alternately, you may want to choose the gemstone for the month you were married, both your birthstones, or the birthstones of your children. The beauty is, you can define the meaning and create a unique gift to honor your anniversary.