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Two Rainbow Rosecliff Stackable rings, one featuring alternating diamonds, and a Rainbow Newport necklace in 14k yellow gold.
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Discover Our Rainbow Jewelry

Newport Grand necklace featuring 6mm rainbow patterned, briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in 14k yellow gold.

Explore the Collection

From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, there's something for everyone in the Rainbow Collection. Each piece is stunning on its own and pairs wonderfully with other jewelry. Keep reading to discover which pieces speak to you!

Rainbow Rosecliff ring and Rainbow Rosecliff Bar necklace, both featuring eleven alternating 2mm gemstones and diamonds.

It's pride jewelry you can be especially proud to wear.

Rainbow Necklaces

Whether peeking out from the collar of a blouse or taking center stage in a scoop neckline, Rainbow necklaces are a wonderful way to say Love is Love.

Woman wearing a Newport Grand 14k yellow gold necklace featuring 6mm bezel set gemstones with a rainbow-hued pattern.
A woman wearing a Rosecliff Rainbow Heart necklace featuring twenty 2mm round cut gemstones on a 1.17mm cable chain.
Rainbow Newport Necklace in 14k yellow gold featuring 4mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in a rainbow pattern.

Rainbow Bracelets

The great thing about bracelets? You get to see them as much as everyone else! Talk with your hands and punctuate every statement with a sparkling prism of color.

Close-up of woman's wrist wearing an Adelaide mini bracelet, Rainbow Newport bracelet, and Rainbow Grand 7 Stone bracelet.
Man's wrist wearing a Rainbow Grand Newport bracelet featuring 6mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones in a rainbow pattern.
A woman's wrist wearing a Grand Newport bracelet featuring rainbow patterned gemstones in 14k yellow gold.
Close-up of woman's wrist wearing a Rainbow Newport bracelet featuring 4mm briolette cut, bezel set gemstones.

Rainbow Rings

Some of our most personal jewelry takes the form of rings. Wear your deeply felt pride on a colorful band that lets the world know that love has no gender.

Rosecliff Stackable ring featuring eleven 2mm faceted, round cut gemstones in a rainbow pattern in 14k yellow gold.
Warren ring with rainbow patterned, prong set accent gemstones, featuring a 10 x 8mm bezel set Rose Quartz center stone.
Rainbow Rosecliff Stackable ring with eleven 2mm alternating gemstones and sustainably grown diamonds in 14k yellow gold.

Rainbow Earrings

Whether you prefer small huggie hoops or swaying eardrops, earrings are a great way to share your story and what you stand for. Dress them up or down – our Rainbow earrings will add a pretty pop of color to any outfit.

Rosecliff huggie earrings in 14k yellow gold featuring nine 2mm faceted round cut rainbow patterned gemstones.
Woman's ear with a 13 x 13mm Rainbow Rosecliff earring featuring nine 2mm faceted round cut, prong set gemstones.
Rainbow Newport Grand drop earrings featuring 6mm ruby, citrine, peridot, emerald, and Nantucket blue topaz - front view.

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What gemstones are used in the Rainbow jewelry collection?

Depending on the number of stones included, our Rainbow jewelry features most or all of the following: Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Emerald, Nantucket Blue Topaz, Sapphire, and Amethyst. Some pieces also include Moonstone.

Does all Rainbow jewelry come in yellow gold?

Our entire Rainbow collection is available in your choice of yellow or white 14k gold. Choose the shade that works best for you!

Can I buy Rainbow jewelry only during Pride Month (June)?

Our Rainbow jewelry is available all year long.