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Diamond hoop earrings, Diamond wedding band and Diamond Circle necklace all set in 14k yellow gold and on a white background
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How to Choose Bridal Jewelry for a Christmas Wedding

Holiday Wedding Jewelry Tips

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, holiday weddings bring families together to celebrate new beginnings and old traditions. If you are planning a Christmas themed wedding, we have some styling tips for wedding jewelry for the bride to make your holiday wedding extra special.

Moonstone bracelets with continuous strand of 4 mm Moonstones set in 14k gold bezels. Haverhill Grand Moonstone earrings set in yellow gold, gold chain all laying flat on a grey background

It all begins with the dress

Woman wearing white lace wedding dress with a scoop neck
Haverhill Providence yellow gold earrings with baguette cut Nantucket Blue Topaz stones, Warren Rainbow Moonstone ring with large emerald cut Moonstone set in 14k gold, Rosecliff stackable ring with eleven Nantucket Blue Topaz 2 mm stones

Wedding jewelry styling tips

1) Embrace the sparkle with diamonds

As the Winter Solstice approaches, we all love to brighten up the dark with light. The warm glow of candles, firelight and holiday lights bring a sparkle to wintry events that you can echo in your jewelry to embrace this festive time of year. Diamonds are a classic choice for wedding jewelry for just this reason - they add a shimmer of light that catches the eye. The enduring nature of diamonds has also made them a universal symbol for a strong and lasting relationship. A diamond circle necklace is a meaningful symbol of unity. Echoing the shape of the wedding band, this lovely necklace is captivating when paired with a set of diamond hoops creating an elegant, unified look.

Flay lay photo of Haverhill Dimond Circle ring, small and large diamond circle necklace, and 2 Rosecliff stckable diamond rings all set in 14k yellow gold with 2 mm lab grown diamonds

2) Pair Diamonds with Gemstones

The bright reflective light of diamonds brings out the best in colored gemstones. An Amethyst and Diamond wedding ring pairs the soft violet of the amethyst with shimmering diamonds, two gemstones which have traditional ties to enduring love and matrimonial devotion, adding a meaningful touch. You might choose a gemstone for its symbolic meaning or because it is connected to a significant month, like the month you met or became engaged.  Pairing diamonds with rich toned gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds is especially striking since the contrast of dark and light makes the color pop.

Flat lay of amethyst jewelry including 3 Rosecliff stackable rings, one with alternating diamonds. Also Newport Amethyst necklace with continuous strand of 4mm briolette cut amethyst in 14k gold bezels.

3) Echo Nature’s seasonal palette

The holidays offer an abundance of natural colors, from verdant green foliage and evergreens, to red winterberries, to glacial blue sky and white fluffy snow. Embrace this color palette by bringing gemstone colors into your holiday wedding styling. For Thanksgiving weddings, November’s golden birthstone, Citrine, brings a subtle warmth, especially when set in yellow gold, and the deep red of Garnet, with its brown undertones, is a rich color choice for late fall weddings.

Bride holding a bouquet of white roses, red berries, green foliage and accent flowers

4) Lean into the romance

The romantic red gemstones symbolize love and passion and tie with the red and green of Christmas. Rubies, garnets, pink tourmaline and pink opal all have traditional connections to romantic love offering a wide range of warm tones from the soft pastel of pink opals to the deep red of a garnet. Pair any of these red hued gemstones with both of your initials as a reminder that love is at the heart of this celebration.

Woman wearing white v neck sweater and 4 nHAVERHILL necklaces. First is 14k yellow gold paperclip chain, 2nd is 3 gold discs engraved with the letter A, a heart & letter H, 3rd is a gold heart necklace with engraved H, 4th is a pink tourmaline necklace

Reflect the winter sky

Want to step away from the red and green of Christmas, but still maintain a wintry feel? The cool tones of a winter sky are reflected in December’s birthstone, Nantucket Blue Topaz, making it a meaningful choice for December weddings. Pair with White Topaz or diamonds to emphasize the cool tones and icy sparkle.

Haverhill Rainbow Moonstone Ring with emerald cut Moonstone set in 14k yellow gold and Warren Nantucket Blue Topaz pendant with large blue rectangular cut stone set in 14k yellow gold on a paperclip chain. Jewelry is sittting on a blue & white background

6) Capture a snowflake

Snow covered white3 pine bough with Haverhill Newport Moonstone Neckalce hanging like an icicle. The neckalce is a continuous strand of 4 mm briolette cut gemstones
HAVERHILL GReenwich 4 Opal Earrings with Dismonds on a gray fabric background. Each earring features 4 mm opals surrounding a center 2.1 mm sustainably grown diamond set in 14k yellow gold.

7) Remember something blue

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Greenwich Earrings with 4 mm sapphires and 2.1 mm diamonds. Also a Newport Sapphir bracelet with 4 mm briolette cut gemstones in yellow gold bezels curves behind the earrings set on a gray and white background.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Mother of the Bride and bride wearing wedding gown getting ready for wedding in bedroom

Honor the Mother of the Bride

Big hugs to your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

They have been at your side through all the planning and preparations and will be there to share memories of your special day for years to come. A thoughtful and meaningful gift to say thank you might be a gemstone bracelet or necklace featuring their birthstone, the stone for the month of the wedding, or a special stone chosen for its symbolic meaning or color. They will go home with a thoughtful keepsake of your friendship they are sure to cherish.

Woman's hand and wrist raised to hang an ornament on a Christmas tree. On her wrist are three HAVERHILL Classic one stone bracelets each with a 4 mm briolette cut gemstone (emerald, aquamarine and white topaz) set in a gold bezel.

Your Day, Your Way

Though it is a single point in time, your wedding day is so much more. Embrace the joy of planning what is sure to be a meaningful family gathering. Recognize that your celebration will reflect the joy and love that has surrounded you, supported you, helped you grow, and will continue to nourish your relationship as a couple.

Groom in black tux on left and bride on right in wedding dress walking down a winter garden path and smiling

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