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Celebrating August

Celebrating August

August has always been my favorite month for a few reasons.. It’s my birthday month so it automatically holds a festive place in my heart. This year was a big one as I turned the big 4-0!  I am welcoming 40 with big open arms. I have 2 incredible children who light up my life on a daily basis, I am married to the most incredibly kind, intelligent and go with the flow co-captain, whom I happen to be crushing on BIG time, and I absolutely love my job! I get to make shiny and sparkly items that make people smile. No complaints over here. Though no matter what, I think it’s slightly shocking when you actually turn a big round number because I think we all are young at heart.

I love August because I am a total warm weather person- I think I was meant to live in the tropics but New England is good for now, definitely my speed.

Since the inception of HAVERHILL Collection, I also look forward to August because we get to have an annual pop-up at The Hampton Classic horse show. We love connecting with our wonderful customers in person, spending our days amongst beautiful horses and enjoying all that the Hamptons have to offer! If you are nearby, or fancy an adventure, I encourage you to come for a fabulous day out!

Happy August!