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Embracing Autumn

Embracing Autumn

Summer was marvelous! We were lucky enough to show our jewels in Newport, Nantucket and the Hamptons. We embraced our beautiful home state of Rhode Island with sandy picnics and my husband, Andrej racing sailboats in our bay. We ventured often to my parents' lovely home in Vermont and caught lobsters in Maine. It was a coastal (and lakeside) whirlwind that I look forward to repeating next summer. 
Now, I am ready to settle in and embrace fall! There are little hints of autumn here with cool evenings, perfect for sleeping, as mums fill voids in our gardens and leaves take on a tinge of orange and gold. Fortunately, it's a gradual transition, when the days get shorter but still bring warm, glowing afternoons.

I love that we are now back to our routine of waking up early to make school lunches, launching the kids to their buses, then taking our dog, Sumo for our daily walk to the beach, where we hash out our schedule for day. And as busy and hectic as my days get (there are never enough hours in the day, right?), I always make sure that we take time as a family to reflect on our day after school, activities and work. Sometimes this happens over Thai take-out, but mostly it's over a healthy, home cooked dinner. I have learned over the years to ask my kids questions where they can't just answer "yes" or "no", learning many aspects of their days.

Happily, this is the time of year of organization and new beginnings, when the designs just come pouring out of me. I have been soaking up inspiration all summer from beautiful locations, seeing and listening to my customers face to face and learning what is functional and easy for a woman who is on the go. I am excited to share with you new designs and new ideas over the next few months. Please reach out to us if there is something you are looking for. We may add it to our collection or we can make something one of a kind!

Ok off to play backgammon with my daughter. I'm so proud, she is starting to win lately!
Stay cozy.