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Gemstone Anniversary Jewelry for Milestone Years

Anniversary celebrations

Anniversaries are a celebration of your love and the life you are building together. The day to day interactions in a marriage are the truest measure of your compatibility, but once a year it is worth pausing to reflect on your journey and celebrate all those little moments. Key ingredients like laughter, kindness, understanding and openness are what carry you through the challenges of married life. Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary, a 5 year anniversary, or a 50 year anniversary, take time to think about how to let her know how much she means to you.

A couple standing with bicycles on a dock exchange a kiss in front of the setting sun.

The origins of anniversary gifts

FInding thoughtful gifts for anniversaries can feel intimidating. Emily Post understood this when she created a list of anniversary gifts in 1922, which included paper, cloth, leather, flowers, and wood for the first five years. While this list may have been affordable, practical for young couples and open-ended enough for creativity, it leaves a lot to be desired in the realm of romance.

Long stem coral, pink, and red roses in a white porcelain vase.

Gemstones to celebrate anniversaries

Two Rosecliff rings, two Warren rings, one Grand ring, and one Greenwich Solitaire ring, all in 14k yellow gold.

First Anniversary - Gold

Rosecliff Bar Necklace, Cabochon Mother of Pearl Necklace, personalized Heart pendant, and Adelaide Mini necklace.
Close-up of wrist wearing a personalized 2 Letter bracelet featuring .25in flat letter discs engraved with the letters O & L.

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

Sapphires are a symbol of romantic devotion. Their deep blue color is also considered to be protective. Mark your first major milestone anniversary with Sapphire jewelry to show your devotion.

Two Rosecliff Stackable rings, one with alternating diamonds, and Warren ring, all featuring sustainably grown sapphires.

10th Anniversary - Diamond

A symbol of eternal love, diamonds are beautiful on their own or combined with other gemstones. For a 10 year anniversary gift perhaps you want to pair diamonds with the gemstone from the month you were married, her birthstone, or family birthstones to keep her loved ones close. A traditional 10th anniversary gift is an anniversary ring to be worn above the engagement and wedding ring.

Rosecliff Circle ring and necklace featuring diamonds, and two Rosecliff Stackable rings featuring alternating diamonds.

15th Anniversary - Ruby

Symbolically this vibrant red gemstone is linked to love, energy and passion. There are so many  romantic options with ruby jewelry, from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings. 

Rosecliff Stackable ring, Grand ring, and Bayberry 3 bracelet, all featuring sustainably grown rubies in 14k yellow gold.

20th Anniversary - Emerald

Emerald is known as the stone of eternal love. This verdant green precious gemstone is also a symbol of rebirth, appropriate for the 20th anniversary as many couples with children are sending them off to college and moving towards an empty nest.

Rosecliff Stackable ring, single Providence stud earring, and Greenwich 4 Birthstone Necklace, all featuring emerald.

25th & 50th Anniversary - Silver & Gold

Blonde woman wearing a Hudson Necklace in Silver featuring 22.25mm chain links and three accent 18k gold bonded links.
An Adelaide 1 Pavé Diamond Link necklace featuring one 16x6.4mm link encrusted with twenty-eight 1.5mm prong set gemstones.

Surprise versus Sure Thing

A Newport Rainbow necklace featuring 4mm gemstones and two Rosecliff Rainbow rings, one with alternating diamonds.

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Do I have to use the gem designated for the anniversary year?

The list of gemstones is a suugested list, meant to help guide and inspire you by connecting the meaning of the stones with the anniversary year. Feel free to pick whichever stone has significance to the two of you, whether it be the gem for the month of your wedding, your two birthstones, a stone whose meaning resonates with you or her favorite color. Be sure to tell her why you picked this gift for her - she will most love to know that you thought about her when you made the choice.

What if I pick the wrong size or gemstone?

We have a super friendly and very helpful Customer Service team that will be happy to hgelp you with exchanges and alterations. Every product has the return policy listed so you can be confident in your choice. We are honored when you choose us to help your commemorate life's important milestones and are happy to work with you to make sure everything is perfect.

I want ot make a custom gift for something I don't see on your website. How do I do that?

The easiest way to get started is to give us a call. The more information you can give as to gemstones, gold colro and size, the better. Our friendly Rhode Island based staff will let you know what is possible and give you pricing information. The process is simple and quick and thye extra personalizdation makes thye gift that much more meaningful.