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Clover Adelaide Mini bracelet, Flat Horseshoe necklace, and personalized Flat Heart pendant engraved with the letter H.
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All About Symbol Jewelry

Keep reading to learn about the history of the popular symbols that are available in HAVERHILL jewelry. Whether you wear a symbol on its own, or create a personalized piece with birthstones or letters, symbol jewelry is sure to become a much-loved part of your wardrobe. (And it makes a wonderful gift, too!)

Flat lay of the Venus necklace, Infinity necklace, and Clover Adelaide Mini necklace, all in 14k yellow gold.


A Heart represents love in all its forms.

Close-up of two cutouts on separate Adelaide Mini chains including a 0.5in large peace symbol and 9.1mm four-leaf clover.


Star of David


Peace Sign

While many symbols date back to ancient times, others are surprisingly new.




Woman wearing a Flat Horseshoe necklace with Adelaide Mini chain featuring an 11.81x13.12mm cutout horseshoe.
Woman wearing a Small Flat Horseshoe necklace on a 1.17mm cable chain featuring a 9.29x9.17mm cutout horseshoe.

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Can I personalize jewelry using more than one symbol?

Yes, you can! If you have something in mind that you don't see on our website, contact Customer Service, and they'll help you with your custom order.