' Alexandrite’s meaning, styling, and care
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A 14k yellow gold Providence 3 Alexandrite pendant, a pair of Greenwich Solitaire Alexandrite earrings, & 2 Rosecliff rings.
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Alexandrite’s meaning, styling, and care

The meaning of Alexandrite

Often called "Emerald by day, Ruby by night," the rare duochrome gemstone Alexandrite has fascinated people since its discovery. While it doesn't have the ancient history of most gems, it does have a wealth of meanings associated with it. Alexandrite has long been considered an especially lucky stone, bringing good fortune and love to its wearers.

A woman wearing a 14k yellow gold Greenwich Flower earring featuring five 4mm alexandrites and one 2.7mm diamond.

Alexandrite is connected to the crown chakra, opening us to the healing energies of the universe, and the heart chakra, helping us stay open to all our emotions. In addition to attracting good fortune and love, the stone is said to promote good health and healing. It's also believed to strengthen intuition, enhance creativity, and support self-esteem.

A woman wearing a Greenwich Solitaire Alexandrite & Diamond necklace, an Adelaide Mini necklace, and an Adelaide necklace.

Since ancient times, humans have associated gemstones with healing properties and spiritual significance.

Alexandrite – gemstone knowledge

Alexandrite was named for Russia's future emperor Alexander II, as the stone was said to have been discovered on his birthday in 1830. The gem is a rare variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. It's famed for its ability to appear green in natural light and purple or red in artificial light.

A woman wearing a Newport Moonstone necklace, a Venus necklace, and a Greenwich Solitaire Alexandrite & Diamond necklace.

HAVERHILL Alexandrites are sustainably grown in a lab, which mimics their formation in nature. They share all the chemical, physical, and optical properties of naturally mined Alexandrites, with outstanding color and excellent durability. We love sustainably grown Alexandrites because they're gentle on the earth and are beautifully consistent in their duochrome radiance.

A pair of Greenwich earrings and two Rosecliff Alexandrite Stackable rings. One ring has alternating diamonds.

As red and green were the military colors of imperial Russia, Alexandrite soon became known as the country's national stone. For years, Alexandrite was found only in the Ural Mountains, but the gem was discovered later in Sri Lanka, India, and Brazil.

A 14k yellow gold Greenwich ring featuring two 4mm alexandrites and one 2.1mm diamond.

Caring for your Alexandrite jewelry

Alexandrite's durability makes it perfect for everyday wear. You can wear your Alexandrite jewelry in the shower, while swimming, sleeping, and exercising. It's a stone that's meant to be lived in!

A Greenwich 4 Alexandrite & Diamond necklace in 14k yellow gold with a 1.17mm cable chain.

Styling tips for Alexandrite

A yellow gold Warren White Topaz pendant, a Providence 3 Alexandrite pendant, and a Newport Aquamarine bracelet.

Try pairing Alexandrite with Diamond or White Topaz for a classic, high-contrast look, or with Nantucket Blue Topaz for a softer accent.

A woman wearing a Newport Aquamarine necklace, a Providence 3 Alexandrite pendant, and an Adelaide necklace.

Embrace the color story of Alexandrite by pairing it with other colorful stones. Nestle it with deep red Garnet, golden Citrine... the sky's the limit. However you style your Alexandrite, it's definitely a showstopper!

A woman wearing three Rosecliff Stackable rings in 14k yellow gold featuring Garnet, Alexandrite, and Citrine gemstones.

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Is Alexandrite a good-luck stone?

Tradition says that wearing your birthstone is good luck, so if you're a June baby, it's a great choice for jewelry! Alexandrite is considered to be a very lucky stone in general, so it makes a wonderful gem for everybody. Try pairing it with Diamond or White Topaz for maximum contrast, or on its own for a bold duochrome look.

Should I wear Alexandrite only if it’s my birthstone?

People wear gemstones for many reasons, not just because it’s the birthstone for the month they were born. You may choose to wear a stone because you feel a connection to the color, because its traditional meaning resonates with you, or because it reminds you of someone you love, such as a child, friend, or loved one who’s passed away. Jewelry is extremely personal and you should feel free to wear any gemstone that speaks to you.

Are sustainably grown gemstones real?

Sustainably grown precious gems are genuine gemstones grown in a lab from a “seed” and are chemically, physically, and optically identical to naturally mined stones. These lab-grown gemstones have beautiful, consistent color and fewer inclusions than naturally mined stones. They're rated the same hardness on the Mohs scale.