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Garnet has a deep red... Read more

Garnet has a deep red hue, which adds depth to any jewelry design. January's birthstone is a symbol of love and friendship, and was named for its resemblance to pomegranate seeds.



Amethyst is said to enhance... Read more

Amethyst is said to enhance spirituality and intuition. February's birthstone ranges from pale lilac to deep purple, and has long been a symbol of royalty.



Aquamarine captures the... Read more

Aquamarine captures the spirit of the sea. March's pale gray blue birthstone can be either milky or translucent. Aquamarine is timeless and tranquil, bringing serenity, clarity and harmony.



White Topaz & Diamond... Read more

White Topaz and Diamond are timeless classics. These clear April birthstones offer beautiful meanings. Diamond is the universal symbol of love and fidelity, and White Topaz encourages clear thinking and orderly approaches.



Emeralds and Green Agate... Read more

Emeralds and Green Agate welcome spring with their rich green hues. The two May's birthstones evoke the color of nature. Emerald is thought to inspire rebirth and renewal, while Green Agate encourages self-growth and communication with nature.



Moonstone and Alexandrite... Read more

Moonstone and Alexandrite are color shifting beauties. These two June birthstones beautifully shimmer in different lighting. Alexandrite shifts from teal to reddish-purple. Moonstone's iridescence shifts from blue and purple to yellow.



Ruby and Carnelian shine... Read more

Ruby and Carnelian shine bright with passion. These two fiery July birthstones are said to bring confidence and energy. Ruby's vibrant red is thought to hold the power of life and love, and Carnelian cheery orange hue is said to inspire courage.



Peridot is a pale green... Read more

Peridot is a pale green stone with hints of yellow. This August birthstone is believed to bring peace to relationships by balancing the heart and mind.



Sapphire and Lapis offer... Read more

Sapphire and Lapis offer rich shades of blue. These September birthstones evoke the night sky. Sapphire is said to be a guardian of innocence and Lapis brings the wearer courage, strength and wisdom.



Pink Tourmaline, Opal... Read more

Pink Tourmaline, Opal and Pink Opal come in a range of hues. These three October birthstones add a soft touch. Pink Tourmaline represents compassion and emotional healing. Magical Opals symbolize hope, purity and truth. Lustrous Pink Opals help with emotional balance.



Citrine ranges from pale... Read more

Citrine ranges from pale yellow to deep gold. This November birthstone is said to be a gift from the sun, bringing energy and creativity to those who wear it.



Nantucket Blue Topaz... Read more

Nantucket Blue Topaz and Turquoise echo the shifting blues of the ocean. These December birthstones are said to protect from evil. Nantucket Blue Topaz inspires serenity and inner peace. Opaque Turquoise promotes good health and good fortune.