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Garnet jewelry on a gray and white background including a HAVERHILL Rosecliff Stackable Garnet ring with eleven 2mm garnets, a Greenwich 4mm Garnet and 2.1 mm diamond ring, and a Newport Grand Necklace - a continuous strand of 6 mm garnets - yellow gold
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Garnet’s meaning, styling, and care

The Meaning of Garnet

The symbolic meaning of January's birthstone, Garnet, stems from its blood red color, linking it to the heart’s vitality and thus friendship and love. It is connected to the heart chakra, enhancing relationships, and inspiring love and devotion. Garnet jewelry is often given as a sign of devotion and commitment and is the gemstone chosen for the second and eighth anniversaries.

Woman wearing light blue open v-neck shirt with Haverhill Solitaire Garnet Necklace in 14k yellow gold and Adelaide mini necklace with paperclip links in solid 14k yellow gold

A symbol of enduring affection and eternal friendship, Garnets are associated with Persephone from Greek mythology. The goddess of vegetation was kidnapped by Hades, the god of the Underworld. While there, she ate six pomegranate seeds, condemning her to remain in the Underworld for that many months out of the year, resulting in six months of winter followed by spring. Because garnets resemble pomegranate seeds, the stone has come to stand for the safe return of a friend or loved one. Garnets are thus said to protect travelers on their journeys and were often exchanged between friends as tokens that they would meet again.

Blond woman wearing blue square neck dress and HAVERHILL Bayberry Garnet Wrap Necklace in 14k yellow gold. 34

The connection to vitality and life force has also meant that Garnets are seen as having protective powers. Many ancient cultures from Saxon and Celtic kings to Native American healers believed that garnets had protective powers. King Solomon wore garnets into battle, as did Christian and Muslim warriors during the Crusades hoping to be protected from injury. Garnet is the birthstone for the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Woman's wrist with HAVERHILL Newport Grand Garnet Bracelet with 6mm briolette cut garnets set in 14k gold bezels.

Since ancient times, humans have associated gemstones with healing properties and spiritual significance.

Garnet - Gemstone Knowledge

Garnet is a semi precious gemstone which derives its name from the Latin word, “granatus,” which means seed, evoking the vivid red seeds of a pomegranate. Garnets are actually a group of silicate minerals including pyrope, almandine, spessartine, andradite, and grossular, with similar crystal structure and colors ranging from yellow, to orange, pink, red, purple, green, brown, and black.

Loose garnets of various cuts scattered on a white background

Caring for your Garnet Jewelry

Garnet is moderately durable and so is a good choice for everyday wear, with a little care. You can wear your Garnet jewelry in the shower, while swimming, sleeping and exercising. Keep Garnets away from extreme heat and be sure not to strike them against hard surfaces.

Pair of HAVERHILL Greenwich 5 Garnet and Diamond Earrings in 14k yellow gold.  Each earring features five 4mm garnets prong set around a 2.1 mm lab grown diamond.

How to Clean your Garnet Jewelry

Occasional cleaning with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild dye-free dish soap and water is a simple way to maintain the beauty of your Garnet jewelry. Let the jewelry soak in a small bowl for a few minutes (keep it away from the sink & drain), then brush gently with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to rinse it completely and blot dry with a chamois cloth.

Blond woman wearing Black and yellow dress and HAVERHILL Warren Garnet Ring with Diamonds in 14k yellow gold. Ring has central emerald cut Garnet with 22 lab grown diamonds along the sides set in prongs.

Styling Tips for Garnet Jewelry

Woman wearing brown and blue blouse with scoop neck and two necklaces, HAVERHILL Adelaide Paperclip Chain necklace in solid 14k gold and Bristol Bead Garnet Necklace Featuring one 8 mm Garnet bead, and four 6mm 14k gold beads.

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How can I tell Garnet and Ruby apart?

Rubies are a true red and Garnets often have a touch of earthy tones, including orange to brownish red. If you hold a Garnet so the light shines through it, the rainbow created should include yellow and green. Rubies will only show red when light passes through them. Rubies (9 on the Mohs scale) are harder than Garnets (6.5 - 7.5).

Should I only wear Garnet if it is my birthstone?

Absolutely not! People wear gemstones for many reasons, not just because they are the birthstone for the month they were born. You may choose to wear a stone because you feel a connection to the color, because the traditional meaning resonates with you, or because it reminds you of someone you love like a child, a friend or a loved one who has passed away. Jewelry is extremely personal and you should feel free to wear gemstones that speak to you.

Is Garnet jewelry a good Valentine’s gift?

Garnet’s long association with love and friendship makes it an excellent choice for a romantic gift. The deep red color of this lovely semi precious gemstone combined with its symbolic ties to devotion and commitment make it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for Valentine's Day or Annversaries.