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Woman wearing a Newport Sapphire necklace, Warren Nantucket Blue Topaz pendant on an Adelaide Mini chain, and Mia necklace.
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Styling Tips for Layering Necklaces

Haverhill Leach wearing three layered necklaces, layered bracelets, and a Warren ring, all in 14k yellow gold.

What neckline is best for layering necklaces?

Woman wearing a Newport Moonstone necklace, a personalized Classic 1 Letter & 4 Moonstone necklace, and a Mia necklace.
Close-up of a woman wearing a personalized Classic 4 birthstone necklace and a Warren pendant on an Adelaide Mini chain.

What is the best focal point for necklace layering?

Woman wearing a Newport White Topaz necklace, Rosecliff Small Circle Diamond necklace, and Adelaide Mini necklace.

How many necklaces can you layer together?

Rosecliff Bar necklace, Cabochon Mother of Pearl necklace, personalized Heart Disc pendant, and Adelaide Mini chain.

How much space should there be between layered necklaces?

Woman wearing an Adelaide Mini necklace, personalized Classic 6 Birthstone necklace, and Providence 6 Aquamarine pendant.
Greenwich Flower White Topaz & Diamond necklace, Bayberry White Topaz Long necklace, and Greenwich 4 Sapphire & Diamond ring.

What makes an interesting grouping for layered necklaces?

Newport Aquamarine necklace, Greenwich Flower White Topaz & Diamond necklace, & Bayberry Sapphire Long necklace.

How can you add texture to layered necklaces?

Woman wearing a Classic 1 necklace, MAMA necklace on 1.17mm cable chain, and a Newport necklace featuring 4mm gemstones.

How do you coordinate layered necklaces with an outfit?

Woman wearing an Adelaide Mini necklace, Rosecliff Bar necklace, Greenwich 4 necklace, & Newport necklace in 14k yellow gold.

How do you keep your necklace layers comfortable?

Woman wearing a Newport Grand Aquamarine necklace, Providence 3 Alexandrite pendant, & Adelaide necklace in 14k yellow gold.
Adelaide necklace and two Classic 1 Letter necklaces, each featuring one 0.25in flat engraved letter disc in 14k yellow gold.

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Is it okay to mix metals when layering necklaces?

Mixing yellow gold and white gold or yellow gold with silver used to be a fashion faux pas. Today, contemporary fashion encourages mixing metal color and texture as a fun way to add interest to your style. One way to show that the choice is intentional is to carry the mixed metals over to your bracelets and rings, which ends up unifying the look. 

Can I request a custom size or length if I do not see it as an option?

Yes! If you need a specific necklace length that is not available on our site, contact us and our customer service representatives will let you know the available options and the associated costs.

How can I tell what the lengths of layered necklaces are in the photos on the website?

For a visual guide to the different necklace lengths, visit our Sizing Guide. The perfect length necklace for you will depend on how tall you are, your overall build, and your personal style.