Designing Personalized Jewelry

Make gift giving personal with a piece that sparkles with meaning. Wear and gift handmade, solid gold jewelry, with real gemstones designed by you, created by us here in New England.

There are endless ways to personalize your HAVERHILL jewelry to make it unique to your family. Some popular design options are:

  • Arranging birthstones or letters in age order, such as oldest to youngest
  • Placing the children's birthstones or initials in between the parents’ birthstones or initials
  • Accenting an initial with a birthstone, favorite color, or a meaningful stone
  • Spelling out their nickname or a favorite word. Explore Curated Words Here
  • Surrounding their first or last name initial with birthstones on either side
  • Using colors with meaning. Learn about the meaning behind birthstone colors here.

Once you have the elements you would like to incorporate, you can also enhance your design with other elements, such as:

  • Accenting your design with a neutral stone like moonstone or white topaz to add a little sparkle
  • Accenting a word with family birthstones or their favorite color(s)
  • Creating a gradient of color with different birthstones

Remember, birthstones are not just gems, they are symbols of the people we love, good luck charms and much more. We believe that birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to keep those who mean the most to us close to our hearts.


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