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  Garnet (January)

This beautiful, deep red gemstone has been around for centuries and is said to bring on strength, love and security. It is also an ancient symbol of friendship. 

  Amethyst (February)

This deep purple stone was often    associated with royalty and placed on the crowns of Kings and Queens from ancient Egypt to the UK. It is also a stone that offers a lot of healing properties, reduces stress and enhances clarity.

  Milky Aquamarine (March)

A gorgeous milky pale blue stone that is reminiscent of the sea. This stone is known to be calming, soothing and offers protection.

  White Topaz (April)

This beautiful clear stone looks great on anyone.  It is said to help improve mental clarity and purpose. 


  Emerald (May)

This deep green gemstone goes back to ancient times and has been worn by royalty and celebrities. Emerald symbolizes youth and springtime, but is also known to be calming, stimulate growth, offer peace and balance.  

  Moonstone (June)

A stone that goes back to ancient times and was used by the Romans in their jewelry in 100 AD. The unique looking gemstone has a pretty sheen to it and can have tones of blue, purple and yellow.  Moonstone is known to engage self-discovery, intuition and protection.

  Ruby (July)

Since ancient times, rubies were believed to hold the power of life and have long been symbols of passion, protection, and prosperity.

Wearing ruby is said to bring love, energy and courage.


  Peridot (August)

In ancient Egypt, peridot was considered the “gem of the sun" and actually one of Cleopatra's favorite stones. It has a light greenish hue with some yellow tones to it and symbolizes strength, provokes happiness and increases mental focus.

  Sapphire (September)

It is said that people have connected blue sapphire with the planet Venus and its celestial blue color. Through history, sapphire has been worn by royalty and brings on awareness, protection and good fortune.

Pink Tourmaline (October)

This beautiful pink stone was first found off the coast of Italy in the 1600s or early 1700s. It is said to offer emotional healing, love and balance and looks beautiful paired with gold.


Citrine (November)

 A warm color stone that is believed to be a gift from the sun.  Citrine is said to offer clarity and creativity to those who wear it.

Nantucket Blue Topaz (December) 

This popular blue stone symbolizes loyalty and love and is known to aide in clear communication and wisdom.