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Woman's hand raised to hang ornament on a Christmas tree. On her wrist she is wearing 3 HAVERHILL Birthstone bracelets. Each bracelet is 14k yellow gold and has a dainty chain with a single birthstone in the center (emerald, blue topaz & aquamarine
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7 Christmas Jewelry Ideas for this Holiday

Woman wearing grey scoop neck sweater and HAVERHILL Bayberry Grand Aquamarine nekclace with 6 mm aquamarine stones set in 14k gold bezels and evenly spaced on a gold chain.

Make the List

Loose round gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, citrine, etc with 14k gold bezel settings scattered on a white background.

1) Everyday favorites - birthstones and letters

Woman wearing white dress with her hand tucked in her pocket. On her wrist are 3 HAVERHILL gold bracelets, 1 with the letter H engraved on a gold disc, 1 with 2 letters and a garnet birthstone for January set in a gold bezel, and 1 with L and Moonstone
Woman wearing white v-neck dress and HAVERHILL necklace with 4 bezel set sapphires and the letter H in the center engraved on a solid gold disc

2) Rings for stacking

Woman's hand showing three HAVERHILL Rosecliff rings, each with 11 gemstone4s set in 14k yellow gold. Top ring is sapphire, middle ring is diamond, bottom ring is emerald.
Woman's hand wearing HAVERHILL Rosecliff Circle Ring with Diamonds in yellow gold. On the next finger she is wearing 3 rings, A Rosecliff sapphire and diamond band, a Grand Solitaire ring with a bezel set aquamarine stone, and a Rosecliff Blue Topaz band
A woman's hand with two HAVERHILL Rings, a Rosecliff Diamond Stackable band and a Greenwich 2 stone and diamond ring with a 4 mm Nantucket Blue Topaz stones and a Citrine stone on either side of a 2.1 mm diamond.

3) Continuous strands of gemstones

Woman wearing tan v-neck blouse and HAVERHILL Bayberry Wrap Necklace with Moonstones in 14k gold bezel settings. THe stones are evenly spaced and the necklace is wrapped around twice, creating two layers.
Blond woman wearing Denim button up shirt and HAVERHILL Newport Wosdom Necklace with a contrinuous strand of bezel set sapphires and moonstones in solid gold bezels.

4) Special gifts for grandmothers

Blond woman wearing white sweater and navy blouse. On top of the blouse is a HAVERHILL Birthstone and Letter necklace with letters engraved on 14k gold discs and birthstones set in 14k gold bezels.

5) Gifts that do good

Two HAVERHILL Rosecliff Stackable Rainbow Rings and a Newport Rainbow necklace on a white background. The rings have a rainbow of 2 mm gemstones and the bottom ring has dimaonds in between the colors. The necklace has 4 mm gemstones in rainbow colors
Woman's wrist with pink sweater cuff and 4 HAverhill bracelts visible. The top bracelet has letters engraved on flat gold discs, the 2nd and 3rd bracelets have pink tourmalines and moonstones set in gold bezels, the 4th bracelet is an gold paperclip chain
A Haverhill Terra 7 stone sapphire and emerald bracelet with round gemstones set in 14k gold bezels laying on a white background

6) Classic stud earrings

HAVERHILL Providence earrings with various birthstones on a gray background. Each earring features a rectangular baguette stone set in 14k yellow gold and a stud post.
HAVERHILL Greenwich 5 stone earrings on a gray background. Each earring features 5 four mm gemstones surrounding a 2.1 mm diamond in prong settings made of 14k yellow gold
HAVERHILL GReenwich 1 stone earrings on a gray background. Each earring features a 4 mm gemstones and a 2.1 mm diamond prong set in 14k yellow gold.

7) A little Christmas spirit

Woman's neck showing a gray scoop neck sweater and two HAVERHILL neckaces, on a snowflake engraved on a solid gold disc, and one a Noel Aquamarine and Whtie Topaz necklace with bezel set gemstones on a dainty gold chain.
Woman wearing a blue and white pinstripe shirt and a HAVERHILL Greenwich 4 White Topaz earring with four white topaz stones prong set surrounding a 2.1 mm diamond.

What makes a great Christmas gift?

A gift box tied with a red ribbon and a card that says

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